Monday, November 02, 2009

Silence, That's What We Need

I've heard this more than once in the past few days- the Liberals are running the risk of politicizing a serious health care "crisis". CTV went so far as to say the Liberals were receiving criticism (not sure from where) for their questioning of the government. For the LOVE OF GOD, are people for real here?

Last time I checked, the role of the opposition is to hold the government to account, that's parliament 101, that's their role, that's how our system supposedly works for optimal results. Would Canadians be better served, if the opposition ignored the issue and didn't question the government?

What is particularly amusing here, I recall an interview just yesterday where CTV absolutely grilled the Minister of Health, asked her 8 different ways why she has failed so badly. Was that partisan in nature, or valid questioning, based on the facts at hand? Does that critical eye on their own part, coupled with questioning a critical eye from elected representatives not denote an air of hypocrisy? How dare the Liberals do exactly what we've deemed valid.

I don't seem to recall any talk of partisanship last spring when Carolyn Bennett was praising the Minister of Health, when she was praising her just prior to be TRASHED by her own Ministerial colleague. There was no political gain to be had, a gracious compliment that demonstrated confidence in the Minister. With that "on the record" backdrop, why is it suddenly political to criticize, when non-partisans are objectively concerned as well? Are the Liberals not simply mirroring public concern and media questioning?

Imagine for just a moment, if the Liberals remained silent on the issue, because they didn't want to inject even the perception of partisanship, onto a very serious matter. I can hear it now, probably from the same sources.


A Eliz. said...

I give up on his entire fiasco.
What I am fuming about, is Del Maestro moving a motion Tuesday about the Sponsorship Scandal and 12 MPs, whether they took some of the missing 43 million

Steve V said...

That dog don't hunt anymore. The fact that Taylor is about the only one who's even noticed, speaks volumes. It gets old, let him do what he wants.

Jerry Prager said...

I think some Liberal who knows what ridings got the 43 million should say so, blow Del Mastro out of the water with a pre-emptive strike. Ignatieff should say that the Liberal Party, like the rest of Canada, wants closure on Adscam, so that he and the Libs and the rest of the House can keep on opposing this government's shenanigans in this multi-billion dollar stimulus pork-barrel, and general lack of ethics in most other portfolios.

Steve V said...


I honestly don't see the need to focus on this right now. It's an old story, that doesn't even get traction with anyone besides Cons who have nothing else to attack on. Seriously, people are focused on so many other issues right now, even the press is bored to death with this story.

This is just desperate people trying to change the channel. Whatever.

Steve V said...

I'd focus on this, because Canadians actually care:

ottlib said...

Hammer them and hammer them hard.

RuralSandi said...

I deliverately watched Del Mastro in QP today. I think the guy's not right in the head. His face twitches and his eyes look like he's looking into outer space. He creeps me out.

Perhaps someone should make a motion to investigate Del Mastro and his attempt of a deal with a developer and how much taxpayer money was involved....just sayin!