Monday, July 19, 2010

Cracks In Conservative Caucus

Given the across the board criticism, it was only a matter of time before a Conservative MP "broke ranks" on the census decision. Given Harper's iron rule, and his past history of punishment for any dissent, have to give James Rajotte some credit:
Tory MP breaks ranks on census

OTTAWA - The government continued to take fire Monday over its decision to make the long census voluntary as one of its own MPs publicly asked for an explanation.

James Rajotte, a Tory MP who used to chair the House Industry committee, wrote a letter to Industry Minister Tony Clement saying his constituents have "expressed concern" about the change.

"A number of my constituents have indicated that they rely on the information produced by Statistics Canada for professional and personal uses," he wrote in a letter dated July 19.

Rajotte says in the letter he wants to know why the government made the long census voluntary and how the government will make sure the change won't hurt the quality of the information collected.


bigcitylib said...

Just bolsters my argument: these guys are getting pushback from local businessfolk that use census data. If it was just smelly hippies, Rajotte wouldn't give a crap. If its his local chamber of commerce, that's different.

If the NDP ever tried something like this conservatives would be asking why they hated Capitalism.

Steve V said...

Interesting that he cites feedback. You don't challenge this gov't, unless you're feeling some heat. I beat Rajotte isn't the only one that's second guessing.

Gayle said...

Interesting too that information was fed to the media that this was all Harper, and that Clement and Flaherty opposed it.

Paul Wells has an iteresting discussion going on over at McLeans about whether Bernier is speaking on Harper's behalf, or if he is just grabbing on to this issue in an attempt to try to own it.

CK said...

Good on Rajotte to go against Master Steve, but now I'm wondering when we'll hear the 'resignation'.

Remember what happens to those who oppose the puppet master: just ask Richard Colvin and Linda Keen.

All that said, this whole thing is nothing more than a trap to derail Iggy's bus tour, which has started getting some positive press in spite of a rocky start.

My last two blog posts are on that very subject.


Again, at the end of it all, I expect when he's decimated Iggy's polling numbers, yet again, he will relent, due to those business and religious groups he must pander to

RuralSandi said...

I saw Catherine Clark, CPAC, interviewing Rajotte. He's seems like a decent guy. He seems to respect the fact that others have a different view and that it is okay. In fact, Rajotte said that his parents were NDP. I guess that's why he was allowed to have a different view than his folks. If they were conservative he would be expected to vote the same as pappy and grandpappy.

He obviously respects his parents very much.