Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Think Education Is Expensive? Try Ignorance."

Ignatieff with a good line on the census debate:


Gayle said...

I like it.

The conbots, however, happen to like ignorance so this will not sway them.

CuzBen said...

Great quote. Variations of it should be used each time the Cons come at Iggy with their "detached academic" horse-shit.

RuralSandi said...

What's that old saying? Oh ya, how do you keep them down on the farm after they've seen Paree(Paris)?

Keep dumb so you can fool em.

weeble said...

Unfortunately the Tories achieved today what they had hoped. With the head of stats-can resigning someone can be appointed who follows the party line.
I cannot fathom why Statistics Canada is so closely aligned with a government ministry. It should be independent and answer to parliament. Other public operations remain relatively independent, why is the government deciding on how, and what is collected as information. Is that not the job of the people who have the background to figure that out?
It boggles the mind

ottlib said...

Actually Dr. Sheikh was appointed by Stephen Harper after Ivan Fellegi retired in 2008.

Considering some of the reports StatsCan has produced since then that contradicted the government line, (example crime stats) it would appear Mr. Harper did not appoint a Conservative hack when he first had the chance.

Appointing one now after all of this has hit the fan would be kind of obvious and would cause this story to be carried through the summer and potentially make it an election issue.

As it stands Dr. Sheikh just made this story last through at least the weekend.

ridenrain said...

I thought all the "progressive" types were boycotting the census because it was being run by U.S. military company Lockheed Martin. All that secret information going to George Bush and all..

Steve V said...

Man, that's weak.

Gene Rayburn said...

Example of Ignorance #1: Ridofbrain

RuralSandi said...

They say ignorance is bliss - I'd say it's frightening when you read comments like those of Ridenrain.

Ridenrain - he's an example of how you are lied to, but accept Harper/Clements lies and continue with your ignorance:

Canada's privacy commissioner has received three complaints about the census over the past decade. Statistics Canada says it received 22 letters and e-mails expressing concern during the 2006 census collection period.