Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"It's Essentially Like Yogurt"

Gotta love these CAPP ads:

Except yogurt doesn't KILL everything that comes near it:
Investigation underway after ducks land on Syncrude tailings pond

The province is investigating after a number of ducks reportedly landed on a Syncrude tailings pond north of Fort McMurray.

Syncrude Canada reported that the ducks landed on their Mildred Lake Settling Basin Monday evening. It's the company's largest pond, holding 220 million cubic metres of tailings liquid.

The exact number and status of the birds has not been released, but some are described as being "heavily oiled."

More CRAP from CAPP...


900ft Jesus said...

I've seen a couple of these in the Hill Times. Always women in the ad. Healthy, pretty women. Like that's supposed to make us think "gentle, caring, safe."

Jerry Prager said...

That would be bad yogurt maybe.
This however, is much better for the environment and the economy... http://www.flixxy.com/convert-plastic-to-oil.htm
and Syncrude can go fallow itself.

Anonymous said...

This is truly disgusting news. As I understand it, the ducks apparently were hit by freezing rain and could fly no longer, exhausted from a long migration. They were forced to land on tailing ponds of Syncrude, Suncor and Shell despite efforts to drive them off.

I hope this story is widely publicized. Perhaps Canada can be shamed by the international community into calling a moratorium on the planned expansion of the Tar Sands until someone somewhere figures out how to reclaim these cess pools/ponds.

Jerry Prager said...

Ima1: especially since they are no longer needed.