Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Goddamned Scary"

The runaway must read today, primarily because of the wide swath of source material, is the linked piece on the Harper government, titled "Fear and loathing in Ottawa"
It's no secret Harper runs a tight ship with little room for dissension. In the months leading up to his first minority government's five-year anniversary on Feb. 6, I interviewed about 30 politicians, public servants, consultants and academics about his style and brand on Parliament. Some requested anonymity because they fear repercussions.

For the most part, what emerged is a portrait of a highly intelligent, skilled and super-partisan politician whose style has created a mood of fear and loathing on Parliament Hill. He hasn't shied away from stoking an “us versus them” dynamic in the country. Critics use words like “control freak” and “mean-spirited.”

What strikes me, the overwhelming tone that seems to blanket Ottawa. Contrast an now established reality with the Conservative campaign of 2006, wherein they promised openness and transparency, as centerpiece. Rhetoric vs reality, quite possibly the BIGGEST fraud perpetuated on the Canadian people in our history. The antithesis of every single thing these charlatans supposedly stood for, quite astounding when you pull back and look it in its entirety. I'm not sure what is more amazing, the Harper hypocrisy, or the fact all the reformer puritans are NOW silent in the name of political expediency.


Omar said...

I'm sick and tired of this parliamentary collaboration. At least Dion had the balls to attempt to bring down this "Goddamned Scary" government.

Red said...

One thing that has puzzled me for a long time is the slogan tossed at LPC "tax and spend." Nobody ever accuses the CPC of "borrow and spend." The most damaging method is "borrow and spend" as we see now where we have massive deficits , nothing to show for it and will be paying off this insanity for years.

Tomm said...

Come on Steve, stand up to the truth.

I think Rex Murphy captured the nut of it today:

"...Despite the persistently expressed dread of Mr. Harper's hidden agenda (a lurid fantasy of those who viscerally cannot stand him), most Canadians see him as a comfortable steward of the nation's economic interest."

You leave the impression that you could have joined his cause, if just and right, but that was never in your or the LPCs cards, You began villifying him and his colleagues many years ago and continued through the campaign of 2005 and the months that followed.

If the government became a fortress it was partially due to the attacks by left leaning media goaded onward by the LPC, NDP other political partisans.

The hypocrisy lies so thick, no one even bothers to stir it any more. For example, The Liberal's hold a mock parliament when Harper prorogues but are the biggest offenders to not even showing up when the doors are actually open.

Then you bang the drum and posters come like a moth to the light.

Go ahead, stick in your knives and turn them, but don't be blind to your own part in this little drama.

Omar said...

"due to the attacks by left leaning media"

Wow. It just never ceases to amaze when those on the right haul out this less than truthful canard. Yes, I absolutely enjoyed Evan Solomon's Power Panel (yesterday?) that showcased Stephen Taylor, John Ivison and Liza Frulla. Now I will concede that Frulla is the supposed voice on the left with her commentary, but her thoughts are less then desirable as her ability to express herself in English is laughable. Perhaps that is why the right-leaning and corporatist CBC has her on.

Steve V said...


Thanks for proving my point, you guys have ZERO credibility left. What a joke.

Steve V said...

BTW, I've decided anyone who actually says "left leaning media" anymore is a colossal idiot, and I mean that with complete sincerity.

Tomm said...


I don't have a problem with our viewpoints being different. You may recall the dialogue we've had about the Kyoto Accord.

I've never reverted to name calling.

If in your mind, the media isn't left leaning, is it right leaning? right in the centre? There is no association of professional journalists, so nothing really tying it to an ethical standard, or sense of balance and fairness.

Every country has media that run their news through a different set of filters. The US MSM is to the right of ours, Argentina's to the left.

Steve V said...

It's not name calling, it's just honest appraisal. Sorry, but I don't respect anyone who still believes that- go back to the BT's, your delusions will find a warm bossom.

Gayle said...

"If the government became a fortress it was partially due to the attacks by left leaning media"

I get it. The Conservative government, made up of conservatives, do not actually have to take responsibility for their own actions. It is always someone else's fault. If they cannot find a real person to blame, they make something up, like some random phrase like "left leaning media". No need to actually esptablish the "media" are "left leaning". All you have to do is say it, start shrieking about it, and then presto - yet again conservative supporters have an excuse for their failure to hold their party responsible for their own actions.

That anyone can honestly believe taking personal responsibility is a conservative value just demonstrates how truly deluded some people can be.

The real reason Harper wins elections is that he has the stupid vote all wrapped up.

Gayle said...

In any event, Tomm here completely missed the point of the article. I guess that is what happens when you are always whining about being the victim instead of taking an honest look at yourself.

This article certainly exposes a weak spot for Harper. Unfortunately you have to be paying attention to see it.

Gayle said...

By the way, the fantasy of the hidden agenda is actually the fantasy of his die hard supporters, who continuously excuse him for his very unconservative measures, by consoling themselves that when he gets a majority he will come through for them.

Frankly Canadian said...

You hit the nail on the head here Steve, “RHEDORIC VERSUS REALITY”. That should be what the next election is run on, honesty and real transparency versus more partisan, divisive, and deceptive politics from the right wing Conservatives. The fact that the rest of the world has seen through Steven Harpers deceptive personality, and that he and his Alberta oil barons have soiled our good Canadian reputation, that in itself should wake up Canadians. If not, maybe all these weather related tragedies happening around the world these days will wake up Canadians to the fact that maybe Steven Harper is wrong about global warming and just maybe he hasn’t been exactly truthful and transparent in the way he has dealt with this issue and for that matter most every other issue. Anyways that’s another topic all together “Rhetoric vs. Reality” that’s so true and I hope more is said about this comparison.

Tomm said...


I read the article. Clearly Diebel found people expressing views that they have felt "chilled". It was an interesting article. It also built itself a little list of those run over by this government. A list like that conjures up images of fascism. It was all done with cause. The purpose is... what? Why don't you tell me.

The article does expose a weakness Harper has and I for one wish he was more open to public debate. I think his positions are imminently defensible.

You raise an interesting point about Harper's die hard supporters waiting patiently for him to get his majority so they can watch the carnage that follows. There are certainly some old time Reformers that are hoping their patience will result in the Reform grass roots shopping list. They forget the shopping list was a lot bigger than abortion and capital punishment. Times change.

Harper's image of the ideal country has been expressed over and over again. We don't need to conjure up a hidden agenda to find it.

Gayle said...

"It was all done with cause. The purpose is... what? Why don't you tell me."

With cause? The reporter has a thesis. She backed it up with actual facts.

Are you such a victim that you believe anyone who has facts should hide them if the facts make Harper look bad? At least this article actually names names. When reporters, like this one, are citing "anonymous liberal insiders" are you whining about how that reporter must be biased against the liberals because she said something that made them look bad?

Here is the thing about the media. Sometimes people bring facts to their attention, and sometimes they even report on it. If you do not like it then I suggest you tell Harper to start behaving himself instead of complaining about the people who expose his conduct.

You see Tomm, anecdotes do not prove bias. Maybe try again.

rockfish said...

The canard of the 'left-leaning media' strikes again! It's right out of an Ellery Queen mystery, complete with 'twisting knifes' and 'loaded commentaries'... it is to laugh, but at least it has the koolaid crowd buying. Let me see, last we left that 'left-leaning media', two of its more industrious members chortled as they broke their bond and revealed the leader of the Liberal party, hours before the votes were cast, couldn't answer a double-down trick question. Egad! Now one of those members of the 'left-leaning media' is serving time in the house of grey poupon. Oh, what, you say sleeper agents? I thought that was just Krista Ericksson...

Steve V said...

It is funny that Ericksson, who they all yelled "see, see!!!!" turns out to be involved with a Conservative and is now on SunTV. If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does...