Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New And Improved

It's a bit amusing, because I think the new Liberal ad is actually better:

That's tight.


CK said...

I like this ad too.

I just finished watching Ezzy on Fox News North. had to turn it off. It was funny at first when he whipped out the chalk board, but only in small doses I guess.

Anyway, Ezzy was bringing back that old "soldiers in the street ad" that never aired. Plus he says that there are no sites with Harper quoting about scrapping the Canada health act. I know of at least 3 sites where it says he quoted this.

Anyhow, Harpie was VP of NCC back then, he never exactly denounced what his president said back then neither and his other statements actually reflect that he wishes for the Canada Health act to be scrapped.

Tof KW said...

That second to last line I think is the most effective ..."Do you really think he's changed?"

Well done Liberals

sassy said...

CK - well this site will help set the record straight.

A Eliz. said...

This ad is more noticeable , I really like it. These Conservatives? remind me a bit of Orwell's 1984 And Harper's past with the Northern Foundation is creepy

Dame said...

A little too fast with the talk.. but yes it tells better more details.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Love it -- as far as I can love an attack ad. The NCC is all about gutting our institutions, including health care. These days, it's just completely pimping for the Conservatives. I get it's fundraising emails warning me of "dangerous coalitions" and so on. Fear! Give money!

sassy said...

Calgary Grit points out another good vid.

Omar said...

Other than the over-the-top nationalistic Con ad with the flying jets and whatnot, I am still not seeing any CPoC advertisements down this way whatsoever. Just this afternoon while watching a wedding show (ahhh, the good life) on the Slice channel, I saw one of the Liberal health care ads. A very well placed spot targeting what I imagine to be a mostly female audience. I've also noticed certain classic rock Youtube videos containing NDP ads prior to the video playing. Another smooth move. I don't get it. I mean, I'm happy not to see those wretched Con ads, but I don't see the strategy in blanketing the airwaves for three months prior to an election then completely ignoring a region when you are in election. I can't think the Harpercons are taking our NS support for granted because that would be one rather large mistake.

Dame said...

Anyone noticed this?? when I am reading some political newspaper article after usually make a point and post some thoughts of mine.... then I look at what people are saying I se far more progressive kind of responds then the so called conservative ones it is just standing out with the positives or Liberals by the numbers.
How these things are not taken as some kind of POLL?

Tof KW said...

Dame, these polls showing the HarperCons at ~40% and on the edge of a majority are missing something huge ...the regional numbers.

Almost everyone (Nanos, H-D, Angus Reid, EKOS) has been showing the CPC and LPC in a horserace in Ontario over the past 2 weeks, with the NDP dropping day by day. That has huge repercussions for all three parties here. Tough to know the real picture with such large MOE values, but if true this means the CPC will lose ridings in ONT regardless of their poll numbers, because of stronger Lib #'s plus vote splitting will be reduced.

In BC there is a 3-way race, with the CPC always below their 2008 numbers here. Everyone is showing this and it's a real battleground there.

In the Atlantic the Libs have always been well ahead of the CPC. I can't imagine much change - maybe 1 or 2 CPC retakes on the Rock, but losing in other provinces?

In Quebec the CPC and LPC are both stuck in the mud, with the NDP siphoning off soft-nationalist votes from the Bloc ...what this means at this point is unclear. But the CPC will not do better than the 11 ridings they currently hold.

Where the CPC is getting these ~40% national numbers is from strong support in the prairies, but that doesn't help them win more ridings there. Maybe two extra?

Regardless of their improved poll numbers, I don't see them improving their seat count from the present.

My fearless prediction if vote was held today:

CPC - 145
LPC - 88
NDP - 29
Bloc - 46
Ind - 2

Result - strong Harper minority - Libs pick up mainly in ONT, NDP wins 3 in QC.

Omar said...

Here's an even more fearless prediction not for today, but for May 2:


Result- Goodbye Fatboy, hello governing partnership that doesn't require the reliance of the Bloc. You read it here first. Cigars for everyone!

Omar said...

Oh, in case they are filming, look for me tonight at the Ignatieff rally here in Yarmouth. I'll be wearing a red feather boa and a huge smile ;-)

Jerry Prager said...

this paper trail of evidence is the noose we've been waiting for.
Find the House footage of Harper delivering his pro-banking deregulation speech, find something from Flaherty's 5.6 billion hidden debt (ie when he lied to the Ontario Legislature about the state of Ontario's books) and a third jewel of some kind. Time to climb out of the trenches and cross the fields here folks, the corporatist army is about to flee their dug in positions and try and disappear into the woodwork. Liberal Minority.

Koby said...

I love the ad.