Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Longer Option

We have a choice between an insanely quick 5 month leadership race and one that could last as long as 21 months. I had preferred a middle option, and I still contend it's the optimal scenario, for reasons I won't rehash here. However, these are the choices Liberals must confront. Given yesterday's appointment of Mr. Rae as interim leader, I see the longer option as the preferred course and that's where my vote will go.

I have little doubt that part of the calculation for this 18-21 month delay is in consideration of Mr. Rae's parameters he set out. That aside, there is much logic in allowing Rae the proper timeframe to enact certain reforms, address the tough issues at hand and develop a strategy moving forward. To increase the odds of ultimate success, the longer option best suits, Rae has the mandate to dictate, a certain authority allowed because of the timeframe.

When we vote, if Liberals choose a quick leadership, we will only have 4 months to make the selection. When I close my eyes all I see is pure chaos, hasty and not well thought out decisions, not to mention a tertiary discussion about the issues we face. I really don't see a healthy scenario where various contenders articulate their visions for the party, the country, I see a mad dash that frankly stifles renewal. I want to see new people enter the fray, bringing in new members under their prescription, debate over direction, put these people through their paces, allow as much diversity as possible. A quick race narrows the field to our current caucus, and I see no advantage with this limited scenario.

The quick option isn't really an option from here, it's an added layer of self inflicted madness we simply don't need. With Rae at the helm, I'm comfortable giving him the required time to lay the groundwork for the party. Weighing the only two imperfect options, the longer option is relatively more appealing.


James Curran said...

Awesome. Can't wait for the infighting on who will take over the National Executive and then the territorial Executives. 21 months of beating the crap out of each other. Beauty.

Steve V said...

You should be in your glory then James.

CuJoYYC said...

"Can't wait for the infighting on who will take over the National Executive and then the territorial Executives. 21 months of beating the crap out of each other. Beauty."

Maybe you missed the election results on May 2 but we were sent a message loud and clear that WE as an organization need to change. That would mean revitalized National and Provincial Executives coast to coast.

We can't put all the blame at the feet of one man. We need new faces, new approaches and a new way to connect with Canadians. That will take time. For far too long, the Liberal Party has suffered from a messiah complex just waiting for the right leader to come along and save us from ourselves. I think a longer leadership contest will give all of us the time we need to modernize the party, promote the team approach that is sorely needed in Parliament AND to find a good leader who is willing and able to work within a new and restructured party that's ready for the challenges of the digital age and all that it entails.

James Curran said...

Maybe you missed the last 3 leaderships.

And Steve you'll thank me when I'm fighting against the next version of Alf Apps.

CuJoYYC said...

"Maybe you missed the last 3 leaderships."

Nope. I only missed the last one. My point is that maybe the internecine warfare ought to be a thing of the past. If Liberals such as Martin and Ignatieff can be gracious in defeat in a general election to those we REALLY consider our political foes, perhaps the executive and leadership candidates can be equally, if not more, gracious to their fellow Liberals in victory or defeat.

Steve V said...

Maybe it's time to stop fighting against everything as an automatic reflex. Pick your spots.