Thursday, September 01, 2011


My working thesis is the more Ontarians see of Tim Hudak, the less they will like him and his outdated policies, a focused voter not his friend. So far, so good:
PC Leader Tim Hudak’s gold-bricked path to the Ontario premiership has just gotten bumpier.

Only two months ago, Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal Party was poised for a devastating defeat at the hands of Mr. Hudak’s Conservatives. Now, with election day only five weeks away the two leaders are “neck and neck,” according to a new poll by Toronto-based polling firm Forum Research...

At the beginning of summer it may have seemed as if Mr. Hudak needed only to run laps around Ontario in a campaign bus waiting for October 6. Now, every word, campaign promise and platform point he delivers could ultimately decide whether he takes the premier’s chair.

“It’s going to be a very tight race …. when they’re this close, a campaign can move it one way or the other,” says Mr. Bozinoff.

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