Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anatomy Of A Charlatan

Another climate conference, which means a rash of criticism directed towards Canada, it's just the way of things. As well, plenty of "backing" in the press, in the sense that Kyoto can be viewed as a very flawed regime, while the spirit is correct, the practicality does allow for credible criticisms. Therefore, if one simply NARROWS their understanding to the Kyoto Protocol, the Conservatives do find "cover", there are plenty of detractors. However, when you take Canada in totality, when you put Kyoto inside the overall contributions, suggestions, undertakings, inspirations, you find an utter fraud, with no real interest in doing ANYTHING.

My working thesis, these Harper Conservatives, and their supporters for that matter, find primary motivation through what they are against, what needs to be torn down, what must be opposed and stopped, rather than any positive vision. Extrapolate that assertion to any file and a more coherent underpinning becomes apparent. Isolate yourself to the climate change file, and again you see what amounts to a total charlatan, hiding behind this and that, but whenever push comes to shove, simply AGAINST, working to stop, water down, poison and ultimately undo. This pattern is now clear, every single climate conference we hear about Canada "working behind the scenes" to scuttle agreements, we NEVER get the slightest indication of a POSITIVE contribution.

Take the Conservatives at face value on Kyoto, because again there is an intellectual argument for pulling out, we can argue, be disappointed, but it comes down to rational debate. Where the smell of the skunk becomes readily apparent, the lack of any true alternate proposal to deal with the problem of global warming. It's one thing to be against Kyoto, quite another to oppose and offer NOTHING of substance in its place, an imperative if you are TRULY engaged on the issue, if you GENUINELY believe the science. Canada has opposed, but offered nothing more than lip service language, thrown a bit of appeasing money around, but never part of the constructive dialogue. In fact, if you listen to the clear message from other country delegations, Canada isn't part of the conversation, it's an obstructive force, rather than positive participant. Given that we now have had several of these conferences during this government's reign, the pattern becomes striking, the excuses just that, the arguments HOLLOW and transparent, Canada on climate change is a ruse, plain and simple.

Apologists will point to Canada's proposals as rebuttal, but the obvious "rag the puck" flavour, the deflection of relative responsibility to others, exposes the government in clear terms. Anyone can cobble together clever sound bites to mask true intentions, but when you delve further you see it all boils down to public relations strategy, behind that the only goal is to do nothing, but deflect blame.

When the dust settles on this latest climate conference, Canada will be against initiatives, it will "pull out", it will claim to be supportive of other ideas, and in the end it will have done absolutely nothing constructive, leaving other nations scratching their heads once again...


Jerry Prager said...

I think people make a big mistake in believing servants of the petroligarchy don't believe in global warming science, they don't spend billions on a propaganda war because they don't trust the science, they know perfectly well that it is happening.
These people have proven over and over and over again during the last century in which oil has dominated global geo-politics that they simply don't care who gets hurt.This is no difference, they spend the money to befuddled the middleclass, even as they work to gut the middleclass.
Harper has only ever worked for Big Oil, in every job he has had, he has undermined democracy.
At the same, you have Liberals like John Manley and Frank McKenna who do nothing but promote continental corporatism, you had Iggy striving to become a kinder gentler Harper in the last election. It's all good cop bad cop, shakedown shit.
There are 27 million slaves in the world, whose lives are valued at next to nothing, there are hundreds of millions of indentured servants trapped in the geo-politics of these racketeers.
The rich want the arable land and they want the drinking water,everyone else can go fuck themselves for all they care. The great die-off is coming.

Jerry Prager said...

It's time to wake up and smell the death.

Steve V said...

Sad, but true.

Anyong said...

Please read and then say nothing can be done about climate change...