Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Japan's F-35 Cost OVER 50% Higher Than Conservative "Figures"

Canadians have a basic RIGHT to know the true cost of expenditures, particularly massive ones, like the biggest military procurement in our history. Anyone who follows the F-35 story has been frustrated with what amounts to a misinformation campaign from the Conservatives. This government simply makes up figures, experts can't verify their assertions, updated costs are never incorporated, INDEPENDENT analysis dismissed, only empty counters meant to confuse the electorate and neutralize the issue.

Today, we learn that Japan will pay 114 million per F-35 fighter jet, a FAR cry more than the 75 million figure the Conservatives have argued, based on objectively outdated estimates. Hardly surprising, in fact American experts warned Canada that the cost would be just what Japan paid, going back to last April, when this issue received sporadic attention. Faced with a mountain of evidence that the 9 billion dollar price tag the government had clung to was BOGUS, we then heard about special deals, Harper even said he had some letter which made us immune to cost overrun consideration(amazing, given the host country America had already foreseen HIGHER costs, Harper actually posited Canada had a better deal than the Americans themselves). The Conservatives simply made it up on the fly, desperate to get the issue off the front page and per usual, their fog of conflicting talking points won the day, everyone moved on, a certain deceit validated.

Last week, Fantino floated the notion that Canada might trim the number of planes we will actually purchase. Interesting, given the military have asserted the 65 plane purchase is the "bare minimum" number to defend the country. Are the Conservatives FINALLY admitting a cost overrun, which will translate to an ineffective military force? Are we actually on a path where we pay billions and billions for a plane that won't even meet "minimum" requirements? A boondoggle that doesn't even do the job?

The way this F-35 issue has been handled by the government denotes complete incompetence, as well as wilful disregard for the truth, it's that simple. That there is no evidence to date of any true accountability is disappointing, but hardly surprising given Harper's Ottawa. This plane isn't just stealth, the truth around it is also undetectable.


alloycowboy said...

Dear Steve,

Japan is paying more for their F-35's because by WWII Piece treaty Japan is prohibited from joining any joint weapons development programs. So since Japan is not a JSF partner they have to pay more for every aircraft.


Steve V said...

I linked to an expert who said we will be paying similar amount, so that is irrelevant to "paying more", we will NOT be paying 75 million, I'll stop blogging if we do. Not ONE independent observer agrees, in fact what Japan paid is what has been floated, over and over.

alloycowboy said...

Unless your expert has a crystal ball no one really know what the F-35 fighters will cost five-ten years. Canada's F-35 cost is going to be affected by the number of aircraft ordered plus currency exchange rates which given the global econmey are difficult to predict at best. BTW if you are quoting Winslow Wheeler he isn't an expert he is just a bureaucrat who claims to know some thing about the F-35. A lot of Wheelers assumptions have been wrong espically regarding aircraft performance.

Steve V said...

Lol. Every expert I've read, every country involved, every American politician, including GOP hawks, are incredibly concerned by the balloning, nowhere near on budget, F-35 program. I will never blog again if the cost of this plane comes anywhere near the bs Conservative numbers. Our PBO, the American counterpart, everyone who looks sees rising numbers, except you apparently!

William Quincy Belle said...

I have had a bad feeling about the numbers the Conservatives have tossed around on a number of subjects. But still, we have collectively given them a majority; probably more so because no viable alternative exists but that's another story. Unfortunately, by the time we realise our mistake (their mistake), it will be too late. We will then be trying to explain, justify and rationalize what we slash they did. Call me cynical but God help us.