Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Should I Eat Today?

If you want to see how a Conservative talking point can be taken to the level of absurdity, look no further than salt, yes salt. Much debate about salt levels in our diet, the health effects and some pressure on Health Canada to better mandate to industry a more responsible approach. A new study just out finds salt levels in foods are higher in Canada relative to other jurisdictions, a fact which demonstrates companies can manage salt levels in foods. The study also reveals that other countries have stiffer standards, which contributes to the disparity. Enter the hilarity from Health Canada in response:
"We support a flexible approach... especially important consideration given the current fragile economic recovery"
Let that statement stew around in your brain for a few seconds. It's one thing for Conservatives to favour a voluntary approach, it fits within the theology revolving around intervention. However, to actual posit a potential economic hardship as rationale, that is mind numbing. Follow the logic then, should we mandate salt levels in food, Canadians will stop eating and this will have a detrimental effect on the economy. I was going to eat food today, but since it has 30% less salt, I'm going to pass. Hello. The Conservatives actually turn a debate about health- within that a staple known as FOOD- into a choice between jobs or legislation. You can have less salt, but it could plunge Canada back into recession, because somehow humans no longer need food to survive.

These Conservatives, just when you think they can't possibly blow your mind anymore, they find new and novel ways. In solidarity, I'm off to eat a bag of pretzels to help buffet Canada from the sea of economic troubles lapping at our shores.


Unknown said...

Eating pretzels? You obviously don't support the troops.

Isn't Conservative logic fun?

Steve V said...

Ha! I was actually going to add, you either eat that bag of salt and vinegar or you're with the Taliban.

sharonapple88 said...

"We support a flexible approach... especially important consideration given the current fragile economic recovery"

Hey, imagine the amount they could save on health care with lower salt content. Lower blood pressure. Lower rates of heart attacks and strokes.

But it's amazing how the "fragile economic recovery" has become their catch-all excuse. I expect that if any Conservative bigwig gets caught in the robocon situation, they'll be using the "fragile economic recovery" as the excuse for why they did the nefarious things they did.

The Zaphos Institute said...

"Isn't Conservative logic fun?"

You do realise that Conservative logic is an oxymoron, no? Just like ethical oil, or ministerial accountability.

Steve V said...


Enough with your lefty, nanny state logic that is sound as can be. It's fine to argue we don't intervene in the affairs of men, but when we are paying for poor diet, it is intervening in the affairs of men :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you didn't post the entire quote nor the other quotes from Health Canada regarding their efforts to reduce salt intake in Canadians.

Classic blogger cut/edit/paste

Steve V said...

LOL, that was taken in full from the CBC piece you apologizing maroon. The fact you didn't even CHECK is bloody classic.

weeble said...

Maybe the current government needs to help us poor Canadians and publish a set of guidelines to assist us in these fragile economic times.
Is pepper un-Canadian or is it ok?
The Conservatives have it all figured out...our health is less important to them than the economy.