Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pack It In

If I was in charge, I'd send my MP's home today, leaving empty opposition benches to serve as symbolic protest, as well as practical imagery of Harper's Ottawa. In all seriousness, it is time for such a dramatic move, one that would facilitate a much NEEDED discussion of what is happening in our Parliament. The latest abuse of power from the government, pretty much says it all:
The federal government appears set to shut down the only public investigation into Ottawa's fumbling of the F-35 fighter jet purchase. Andrew Saxton, parliamentary secretary to the President of the Treasury Board, has told the House of Commons the Conservatives feel they've delved deep enough into the issues surrounding the cost of the stealth fighters. Media reports say the Tories are expected to pass a motion to end the hearings at a closed-door meeting of the Parliamentary public accounts committee today.
Does it get any bigger than this purchase? The largest military expenditure in our history, hearings that came after a scathing report from the AG and these Conservatives are so drunk with power, they will actually shut it down and eliminate the only public inspection on this file? It would be amazing, except for the fact this is commonplace in Harper's Ottawa.

Look opposition,  lets be blunt, you serve NO purpose whatsoever, except to have sand kicked in your face every single day. There is no "good work" being done, MP's are merely warm bodies, no more relevant that puppet legislative bodies that despots use to look representative. There are now two choices, accept your fate, or walk out on this farce, stay home with your constituents and take a much needed stand. The time has come to throw our entire system into question, because, well, it already IS!

Pack your bags, get on a plane, go home and do something constructive. Leave the dictator and his merry band of minions to the work they are doing irregardless, your input is better served on the streets at home, rather than a farcical place called Ottawa, wherein no practical good can come.   Make a statement that shakes our democracy to its core, I have a feeling the move might just work to ultimate advantage, because once apathy is pierced, people will be appalled at the democratic rot. 

Pack it in.


sassy said...

Indeed yes!!!

ricky said...

I agree. Something has to be done and leaving would be a substanial signal to Canadians that Harper and the Conservatives don't care about parliament or democracy.

Steve V said...

Imagine all the opposition MP's walking out en masse during QP and simply leaving Ottawa. Not sure where the downside kicks in, considering it would become an argument about MP's role in Parliament and make everyone look at the abuses of power we witness daily. Sounds a bit overly dramatic, but it really would be a sound move, not to mention a moral imperative at this point.

Dan F said...

If it was close to an election, I'd say the move could backfire (picture the "not showing up for work" attack ad). This far out in a majority situation, I'd say go for it. Nothing to lose, some gain is possible.

The Mound of Sound said...

Steve, I tried to float the idea among the opposition parties to attend just one Question Period wearing black armbands embossed with an inverted, red maple leaf to symbolize Canadian democracy in distress. One simple, non-partisan gesture by the entire opposition. Can you guess the reaction I got to that - from the Libs?

sharonapple88 said...

Well it's a perfect farce right now, although I'm looking forward to the Green-Liberal amendment marathon.

Jerry Prager said...

Show up for pot banging duty every night of the streets of Canada at 8pm.

Carmichael said...

Man alive, you lot have all still got stars in your eyes about the people of this sad little colony.

There aren't going to be any stirring displays of oppositional unity in Parliament and there aren't going to be any cathartic parades with banging pots on the streets.

The vast majority of the people in this country have no real idea what the Harperians are doing. They have vague ideas of some things, passed along as small, non-specific tidbits by the corporate press. They see some members of the cabal on TV and think they don't much care for the attitude or the tone or the words.

They don't know the country they think they know is being dismantled and discarded.

The LPC and NDP have no particular interest in telling them because they know they would be blamed for some of it. As they should be.

Elections Canada will probably fail to make any more headway in the fraudulent election investigation. Helped along by the Supreme Court either punting the whole hearing until sometime in late 2013 or early 2014 or maybe they'll just have it next week and declare for the Conservative candidate.

It would be far too much cognitive dissonance for them to declare that an election had been tampered with in squeaky clean Canada.

A few hundred thousand people in the streets, equipped for a long haul.

Think Tahrir Square.

Not happening.

Canada is basically fucked.