Friday, July 07, 2006

Canadian Involved In American Terrorist Plot?

The American wingers will love this:
Authorities believe a Canadian co-conspirator was involved in the alleged plot to blow up New York tunnels and submerge lower Manhattan under a torrent of flood waters.

The Canadian Press has learned that Canadian police questioned a man they suspect of active involvement in the conspiracy, but he was released because there wasn't enough evidence to hold him beyond the period of interrogation.

The questioning took place in Canada.

Canadian police are involved in a six-country investigation into the alleged plot and are actively pursuing leads, sources with knowledge of the investigation said Friday. Other suspects were scattered over three continents.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day refused to comment on any police work being done in Canada on the case.

"At this point ... I'll refrain from comment on that not to impair any of the investigation," Day said in Toronto, where he was announcing Canada's role in stopping terrorism financing and money laundering

If this is true, it will fuel the fear.

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