Sunday, July 23, 2006

McKay Makes No Sense

Peter McKay's interview today was a study in contradiction. McKay went to great lengths arguing that Canada is not puppeting the American position, then articulated the American position. Some highlights:

Condi would approve:

"A ceasefire and a return to the status quo is a victory for Hezbollah," said MacKay in response to questions about why Canada has not joined other countries in calling for a cessation to hostilities"

The big head scratcher:

"The PM has staked out ground that is consistent with other G8 nations and other nations in the process that will follow."

Entirely consistent with the G8, or Bush? A close look at the British, the Italians, the Russians, the Germans and the French puts the Canadian position squarely at odds with other G8 countries, not to mention the United Nations. What is McKay talking about? While other nations are engaged, Canada operates like some impotent satellite. Our lack of pragmatism essentially means the world has passed us by on this issue.

I guess he really believes it:

"The Prime Minister has taken a very independent sovereign decision to participate in world events in a way that we feel is cognizant of all the circumstances including the history, the ongoing struggles throughout the region."

One thousand dollars to the first person who can get a piece of paper between the Canadian and American stance on Lebanon.

Do you laugh or cry?:
"Canada is going to continue to speak up for the protection of people and people's rights and the cessation of violence," said MacKay, adding that a long-term solution will not be achieved by a unilateral pullback by Israel.

About all I have heard Canada stand up for is the right of the Israeli army to bomb Lebanon back to the 19th century. Please speak up louder Peter, because from here the silence is deafening.

Reading around, this is already discussed here and here.


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