Thursday, July 27, 2006


I thought this was a telling picture:


FurGaia said...

I came upon this article yesterday. It is relevant to your post, I think. We rarely, if at all, hear about Israel's expansionist tendencies. Anyway, you can also read this and make up your own mind.

Steve V said...


Thanks for the links, interesting perspective.

cdntarheel said...

Hi Steve V,

I apparently don't get it. What does the picture say besides where the bombing is occuring?

Hi furgaia,

I whole heartedly disagree with the loaded "expansionist tendencies" remark. And my point in saying so is not to debate you here (because this seems an inappropriate spot to do so). Rather it is to indicate that not all libs agree and that such a remark is contentious.

Steve V said...


"What does the picture say besides where the bombing is occuring?"

Nothing, just an illustration of scope and frequency.

Anonymous said...

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