Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The pissing incident has become some weird game of who can be more outraged. Drunken kids, doing something stupid without thinking- well I never! I recommend we chop off their pee pee's(ala Iranian justice), then lock them in a closed, dark room and force them to listen to Peter McKay speeches for a week. Then, all the people who have never done anything they have later regretted should form a long line and stone the dirty bastards in a pius display of righteousness. Drunken, dumb people in Canada will not stand!


Mark Dowling said...


I am disappointed in Robert MacClelland and your reaction to this. "Sacred" is obviously not a good word to use but surely every society has things that are precious to it, and the graves of people who made the ultimate sacrifice because they were asked to do so (or were conscripted) must rank among them. Perhaps you have forgotten that some poor nameless kid is buried in that memorial.

Why must the defence of people's dignity, even dead people's, be left as an issue for the CPC? Why can't Liberals, NDP, Green and none just say we differ on Canada's military policy but we respect those we ask to enforce it?

Steve V said...


Was it wrong? Yes. Did these intoxicated kids understand the gravity of their actions? I doubt it. Were they pissing there because it provided some cover in a public place? Probably. I just see it as unfortunate, without having to attach all this other significance. That's just me :)

Anonymous said...

Since when has Iranian justice chopped off anyone's 'pee-pee' F&W? Doing a little war-mongering for your american friends, are you?
As for Peter McKay's speeches, that's worse than what they're dishing out at Gitmo! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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