Monday, July 10, 2006


Find the logical inconsistency:

July 7
Alta Lobbies Ottawa for Road Money to Help With Overcharged Economy:

CALGARY (CP) - Alberta's infrastructure minister isn't worried that the province's $8.7 billion surplus makes lobbying Ottawa for money to improve the province's highways a tough sell to the rest of the country.

Alberta's sizzling economy has left it with a backlog of projects that need to be built, repaired and upgraded.

July 10
Klein Says Decision on Repeated Rebate to Albertans Not likely Until Fall:

CALGARY (CP) - Albertans will have to wait until fall before learning if another round of prosperity cheques will be in the mail.

Premier Ralph Klein said he expected lots of pressure on his caucus, which was meeting Monday, to allocate more money from the province's $8.7-billion surplus on upgrading schools.

How about this- Ottawa agrees to give more money to Alberta, and Klein in turn allows resources to be included in the equalization formula. Sounds fair.

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