Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Arf Arf

Below, the Conservative hopeful in Guelph (left) gets the daily talking points from a national party representative:

Free thought the enemy, when will the media clue in and let voters know??


knb said...

Great photo! It says it better than I did.

Thanks for the link.

Steve V said...


You know the sad part? The BT's are linking to this, outraged at the photo. Get a life people, it's an expression. Everyone knows the Con candidates are trained seals, irrespective of sex. Too funny.

knb said...

Sexism? Good grief. I've never seen a group so adept at making something appear out of thin air.

You've got to hand it to them. They truly have perfected faux outrage.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Christian Conservative is upset - what a whiny, blubbery baby.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives don't understand or have a sense of humor.

ottlib said...

Well, the BTs are consistant I will give them that.

They cannot really present a viable argument against what you have said in your post so they just attempt to deflect.

Prairie Kid said...

At least all Conservatives read from the same page. Not like the Liberals and the Green Shaft plan. Some say they don't know if it will cut emissions and by how much (Findlay) Others say Nova Scotians and British Columbinas will not have a side deal (Dion said so and Brisson and Campbell said yes)

Who is correct? How much are we going to pay extra over and above the revenue neutrality? How much is this going to reduce emissions?

Please please have a Liberal representative talk to all MP's so we can finally find out the real truth.

Steve V said...


What about Baird and Harper and Loan. BC carbon tax good, Dion's bad? Very, very confusing.

Mark said...

I would also add that dialogue through disagreement sometimes leads to a more efficient solution acceptable to both parties. The greatest democratic leaders in history have indeed surrounded themselves by people who think differently. Reading Goodwin's biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals, made that point clear.

But if you want consensus without argument just surround yourself by a bunch of yes men (or women as the case may be). We saw how well that worked in the US the past 7.5 years.

I think Steve V pretty much summed up that thought in a single photo.

Bert said...

Oh, ha, ha.

The by-election is hardly out of the starting gate and who is first with the attack ad's ?.

The title of the post is also clever. You can't come right out and call Ms. Kovach a dog. Admit it, you'd LOVE to, but it's not PC, so you create a post like this, calling her one in an oblique sort of way.

Steve V said...


Yawn. The fake outrage is very amusing.