Wednesday, July 16, 2008

“His significant qualifications and experience will benefit all Canadians."

Important to remember, as Conservatives try to discredit an honorable man and an impartial entity:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is pleased to announce the nomination of Mr. Marc Mayrand as the new Chief Electoral Officer.

A senior public office holder with the federal government, Mr. Mayrand currently serves as the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, where he has gained extensive experience in strategic management and organizational change. He joined the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in 1982 and, since that time, has held positions of increasing scope and responsibility, culminating in his current appointment in 1997.

“A strong and energetic manager with a proven background in operations and regulatory oversight, Marc Mayrand is particularly well-suited to take on this important position”, said the Prime Minister. “His significant qualifications and experience will benefit all Canadians. I am pleased that he has agreed to be nominated for this important role”, added the Prime Minister.

I agree with Conservative MP Goodyear, although not in the way he meant it:
“This is the most appalling parliament I’ve ever seen” are the parting words from Gary Goodyear.

Like a skunk complaining about the stench in the air.


knb said...

Well done!

You obviously remember Goodyear as the Chair of obstruction.

It was a joke today wasn't it?

No one is watching, but this will go on and the Con's just continue to set themselves up.


Steve V said...

"No one is watching"

When even the diehards wince...

colten said...

Dion has taken a once great institution and turned it into a one issue fringe party.

All the scandal mongering in the world won't change that fact, and the fact that Canadians don't want a single minded, elitist, enviro-academic to lead this great land.

I heard at the last town hall style meeting, every question came down to an answer on the environment.

Every one.

From the green scarves, to the dog named after a failed enviro treaty, to the only policy he seemed to muster any energy towards,

Dion has essentially turned the Liberals into the Green party. There's a reason the Green party has never even taken one single seat in parliament: Canadians with sick children, and jobs to worry about, and parents to tend to, and houses to mortgage, and a myriad of other concerns, don't take kindly to being told that only one issue - THEIR ISSUE - should matter to them.

Carry on with your scandal mongering all you want, but until we get rid of the mad professor, the CPC will remain in power.

It's that simple.

rockfish said...

Recycled CON talking points? Guess we're into rerun season...

RuralSandi said...

The Con trolls really need some new's tiresome and old. In fact, you could almost recite their instructed talking points for them. Yawn....

Anonymous said...

Savaging independent institutions and their leaders is what the Cons and Republicans do best. What do you expect when these RepubliCons are lockstep on every major issue.

colten said...

The personal attack is all there's left,

when you can't refute the points made.

Dion is a one issue wonder. To say otherwise is to be dishonest. Though I guess avoiding the issue by attacking the messenger is better than dishonesty.

Steve V said...

"The personal attack is all there's left,

when you can't refute the points made.

Colten, is that a commentary on the Con MP's in this committee??

To your point, I was at a townhall, where Dion framed everything within his Green Shift. This was because, the townhall was to discuss his GREEN SHIFT. Hello in there. To extrapolate a targeted discussion as "a one trick pony" is just intellectually dishonest. Is this the core issue? Why yes, just like Harper ran on accountability, just like Obama is running on hope, just like McCain is running on experience, just like Harris ran on common sense, just like almost every politician. You just don't like the issue, hence the criticism.

colten said...

Can you name a single issue this past session in parliament,

where Dion, as leader of the opposition, took a stand on........


BTW, "hope" and "change" are called themes. The environment is a subject matter. I constantly hear McCain and Obama talk about various issues, initiatives and subjects (one and only one of which is the environment).

Dion on the other hand has his pet issue, and that's all he appears willing to talk about.

Hell, I've heard Elizabeth May talk more variety than Dion.

Remarkable, really.