Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ed Stelmach Actually Said...

One of the main reasons I don't trust what Ed Stelmach says, Ed Stelmach seems to have a problem with the truth. The other day, it was the birdcage liner he penned in the NP, today Stelmach takes to QP and actually says:
"We are the only province to have actually seen real reductions, while others are talking about what policy they will implement by 2015, we've taken action. And, that's the real true fact around this whole issue."


"real true fact"= "bald faced lie"

I mean if Stelmach wants to argue that it is unfair to expect reductions because of Alberta's circumstance, then that begins a real debate. However, to actually spew out nonsense about being the only jurisdiction to have seen "real reductions", not even will see, but already occuring, it speaks to intellectual dishonesty, it suggests someone trying to sell you a load, rather than a serious actor.

Stelmach doesn't even believe Stelmach:
"Alberta's greenhouse gas emissions will rise over the short term."

Stelmach's Environment Minister doesn't believe Stelmach:
Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner says the province's rising greenhouse gases -- fuelled largely by the oilsands' rapid expansion -- are expected to increase another 30 per cent within 10 years despite the province's new effort to regulate emissions."

"Instead the province's emissions, already 40 per cent higher than the Kyoto accord's benchmark of 1990, should continue to soar.

Indeed, government projections show even with anticipated reductions achieved through a provincial regulation taking effect in July, emissions could be 64 per cent above the benchmark by 2020.

Stelmach's own government reports don't believe Stelmach:
In 2006, there were 103 Alberta facilities that reported total greenhouse gas emissions of 115.4 megatonnes (one megatonne equals one million tonnes). There were four more facilities that reported emissions in 2006 than in 2005. Emissions from all facilities increased by six per cent from the 109.1 Mt reported for 2005.

There were 95 Alberta facilities that reported both in 2005 and 2006. Total reported emissions from these facilities increased by six per cent (from 108.5 Mt to 114.5 Mt).

Since the Specified Gas Reporting Program began, reported Alberta greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 12 per cent (from 103.4 Mt in 2003 to 115.4 Mt in 2006). The number of facilities reporting has also increased (from 97 in 2003 to 103 in 2006). There were 82 facilities that reported both in 2003 and in 2006. Total greenhouse gas emissions from these facilities increased by nine per cent (from 102.8 Mt to 112.2 Mt).

The sad part, there are legions willing to buy this crap, under the guise of some blind tribal loyalty. Stelmach has become a farce, and the fact he is reduced to twisting, presenting falsehoods, speaks volumes about his real intentions. Ed Stelmach is nothing more than a bad infomercial.


Stelmach's tax consistency.


knb said...

In yet another twist of fate, lol, you and I chose the same subject.

Your post is more researched than mine but you know, I'm just so sick of this junk going out over the airwaves, I'm about to pull out my hair.

Great catches on reality vs fantasy, but I stand by we need the MSM to make the points you make.

No one is doing that.

Steve V said...

I just read your post. The sad part, Stelmach spouts off, uninterrupted, the reporter essentially just an observer.

knb said...

Precisely. It has to change and we have to change it.

Frankly Canadian said...

The best way to change this is to continue talking, blogging, and writing to editors. Steve you did another fantastic job getting to the facts and unwinding the spinning the's are doing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I did not actually see any other clarification about other jurisdictions? Clearly you are calling Stelmach a liar but the most important element you do not contest that other jurisdictions including BC, Ontario and Quebec all talk a great program and then actually do little to drive results. However, similar to the Liberal's federally they get praise for their talk (remember who signed Kyoto and spent eight years ignoring it). Provincially BC and Ontario are particularly dishonest. The 2.5 cent carbon tax is going to do nothing to reduce automobile emissions and in Ontario, Dalton can be critical without acknowledging that the consumers of the vast majority of the country's carbon is in his province driving on their beloved 401 and QEW and consuminng at Wal-Mart. That is the truth. Until any of these provinces get serious about reducing consumption - Stelmach's plan looks honest. It focuses at real resources - solving real problem.

Anonymous said...

"stelmach's plan looks honest."

BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, right, but he isn't so its ok.

you are one contrived person

Steve V said...


I'll refer to this line in my post:

"The sad part, there are legions willing to buy this crap, under the guise of some blind tribal loyalty."

Big gulps.

Anonymous said...

An intelligent conversation once again.

So anyone who doesn't buy the greenwash you are selling are contrived and blinded did you put it..."tribal loyalty". You then you ponder amongst yourselves why everyone else (note...most Canadians)are so stupid. I personally can't figure out why we aren't all lining up behind your cause. Oh yeah. I forgot. We're all stupid.

mmmmm...I think it's time to sit back and look into the mirror folks because if you want to change the world. That's not the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

If you are at all interested in some balance to this discussion (I know that sounds unreasonable) you may want to checkout at least these guys are prepared to open up to both sides. You'll find the Fort Chip and Toxic Tailings Ponds Forums particularly interesting.

Steve V said...

"An intelligent conversation once again. "


It helps to have a partner.

Steve V said...

" I personally can't figure out why we aren't all lining up behind your cause. Oh yeah. I forgot. We're all stupid. "

Actually genius, 80% of Canadians agree we need to something about climate change, it's you stragglers that are still behind the curve. The majority???

Anonymous said...