Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Should we be surprised anymore?. I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding, or a Liberal plot.


Anonymous said...

One reason for Harper's justification in this delay.

"I will have to ask my wife since she goes to all the social events instead of me. I don't know what she has received."

Steve V said...

Cons will just fluff this off, but if you want to claim Mr. Clean, kind of nice to keep your hands washed. What's the point of this legislation then, if you don't have to comply?

Anonymous said...


My comment is more of a jest since the PM is known to avoid most social events and let Baird to escort Laureen.

kody said...

Antlers and a Christmas Hamper.

Yup, a scandal in the making.

I suggest you encourage Dion to shout this from the rooftops, as a defense to his failure to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars from political donors.

karmat said...

Sorry, not newsworthy or of interest at all. Gee, I wonder how much those antlers will bring him on the blackmarket. Ooooh! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

yeah, following the law is such a waste of time.

Steve V said...

The law the white knight brought from mount purity.

Anonymous said...


I like Holland's thoughts:

"...Liberal MP Mark Holland accused Harper of violating his own legislation."

Slow news day, unless of course he had been visiting the poppy fields of the Golden Triangle or the green mountains of Colombia.

Nah, slow news day.


Steve V said...


I'm not suggesting anything epic here, but anyone being fair has to acknowledge it's pretty rich to ignore your own legislation, legislation that you continually reference to present yourself as champion. It's only a big deal, because Harper has always made such a big deal about this sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...


I certainly thought Harper was more organized than that.

Red Tory said...

AdScam! Shrieeeeeeeek!!!

Works for everything.

Greg said...

AdScam! Shrieeeeeeeek!!!

Works for everything.

I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

The Globe and Mail's running with it, the Globe's running with it!!!!

Dion should jump on this, seriously!

THIS is the scandal we've been finally searching for.

Sure Cadman backfired, why with the tape fiasco, and....ahem... the Libs losing 20 points in Quadra,

the Mulroney inquiry just made the committee look like partisan hacks,

the "in and out" raised serious questions about the degree of partisan Liberal infestation in our governmental bodies,

Bernier's ex's, ex's ex's actions of a decade ago?? 'nuff said,



RuralSandi said...

Con reactions - when it is us - make fun, mocking remarks.

If the tables were reversed...Steve Janke would be all over it and his readers would be saying "good catch", Lieberals yadda, yadda.

Double standard anyone?

kody said...

C'mon rural sandy,

lighten up.

You're party's so incredibly mockable right now, we can't resist.

If the likes of Ottlib are suggesting that Harper needs to do more to cut fuel prices,

imagine how you'd all react if Harper proposed the largest fuel tax hike in living memory while fuel prices are at historic highs,

while abstaining or backing down on every important vote in the last session?

How can we NOT mock????

Anonymous said...

Scouring for faux scandals in every nook and cranny,

while backing down on every important issue of the day,

then coming up with the worst policy imaginable at the time,

is mind bogglingly mockable.

RuralSandi said...

Lighten up? I'm laughing at the double-standard of the CONS...absolutely hilarious if you ask me.

Harper told everyone he was different, accountable and made some rules he doesn't even follow himself - yup, that is funny. He's laughable alright - because he's such a phony and we can see it, but his trolls refuse to - resort to nonsense like "lighten up" and bash Liberals at every turn.

Your guy is a big phony and you people refuse to see it - that is laughable.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Who gives antlers as a gift?

"Previous gifts in that report include a desk decorated with antlers Harper received from U.S. President George Bush at a summit in Montebello, Que."

Ah... I ain't just antlers but a desk decorated with antlers. Sounds like ol' King Steve is on the horns of a dilemma. At least it came from one of Harper's deer friends. Conservative Party or Stag Party?