Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Minds

Well, one great mind and then myself:
I can’t help but wonder - still - whether these calls “angry and threatening calls” just happened to start around the same time that word began to spread through conservative-leaning channels of the Canadian blogosphere that there was, in fact, another “Green Shift” out there; one that found the Liberals’ apparent imitation far from flattering? Perhaps it’s time to revisit the ITQ Online Outrage Tracker, which has the full timeline of a controversy that went from zero to headline news in just one day.

I just find it difficult to come up with a plausible scenario in which an ordinary, non-politically motivated person looking for more information on the Liberals’ Green Shift would be so outraged by a domain name collision that they would take the time to email, fax and even call up the company in question, just to lambaste the owners over a supposed “association” with the Liberal Party — especially after the squabble between the competing Green Shift-ers went public.

Me, a few days ago:
Does anyone really doubt the "deluge" of emails she received where not, in part, an orchestrated fake outrage campaign from Cons, maybe even some Dippers. I mean, sure we all know the details here, but most people just saw a headline, no real genuine motivation to feel inspiration for an email. No, the response she received, a good chunk of it, was from partisan Conservatives, the irony being they actually have no respect for tree hugger enterprises.

It's nice to see someone in the media can't understand why "casual" non-partisans would be so outraged, that they just had to email the company to vent. The great irony, she is trumpeting the "angry" calls to support the idea of damage, when in fact those calls and emails are predominately from people who believe the whole green movement is a fraud, perpetrated by lefty socialists, based on myths. I wonder if Jennifer Wright realizes she has become a pawn in a political dance, empowered by people who are really her enemy, attacking those that are the sympathetic.

Let Jennifer Wright know, that she is being played the fool:


Gayle said...

To be honest, I do not see how sending her emails or calling her is going to help. She has made her position quite clear, and she cannot be stupid enough to actually believe those calls she received were all legit.

Whether or not they are legit, they must have caused her significant grief because of the amount of time and energy put into dealing with them. She never asked for that and quite frankly I do not blame her for getting upset.

From what it appears, I do not believe this lawsuit has merit. She is milking this for all the news coverage she can get. I don't even blame her for doing that - it just makes me cynical about her motives for this lawsuit.

Steve V said...

"To be honest, I do not see how sending her emails or calling her is going to help."

Agreed, but at the least, it let's her know the other side. And, I do believe she is milking this for all it's worth, but I don't doubt she was initially emboldened by the "response". I heard her on the radio, the day after, before it sunk in, and she kept referring to the negative emails, as proof of damage.

Gayle said...

Oh, she's definately milking this. I doubt she ever could have got this kind of media exposure before, and I would be surprised if her business does not actually increase.

People do not drive all the way from Toronto to Ottawa to serve a Statement of Claim, media in tow, unless they are hoping for some significant exposure.

As for hearing the other side, I understand some political bloggers have spoken with her to point that out. She is not interested - she needs to maintain her position that this has affected her business in order to maintain the lawsuit, and the consequent media exposure.

The funny thing is that I am totally turned off by her behaviour, and would not likely ever use her products as a result. I do not buy things from people who I find offensive. (It is a good thing I do not have kids because I hate each and every diaper commercial out there, and don't even get me started on Pepto Bismo...)

Red Tory said...

I thought it was pretty transparently obvious that she was being freeped and said as much several weeks ago when the story was first broken by some Conservative blogger.

Blues Clair said...

Maybe I heard wrong... but at the end of the CTV clip for Jennifer Wright's press conference she says,

"We also did a plan for the NDP, Ontario NDP. Were by they actually painted Green Shift on their bus last year because we essentially looked at from start to finish, kind of what can they do to have a green campaign."
- Jennifer Wright, Wed. Jul. 9 2008

Ultimately that doesn't really matter concerning her legal issues with the Liberals use of the term Green Shift... but the optics are kind of bizarre.

Tomm said...


This is all a tempest in a teapot. What on earth is the media doing? Green Shift can sue the LPC, but the farce of public outrage, damages and wholseale loss of credibility should have the media packing its bags. Its truly a case of "nobody cares".

Aren't there any journalists anymore? If the media is going to cover this, then do a little research.

Your thoughts that Green Shift is being inundated by Tory supporters sounds a lot like paranoia. If you are going to be paranoid, try the media first.

Steve V said...

"Your thoughts that Green Shift is being inundated by Tory supporters sounds a lot like paranoia. If you are going to be paranoid, try the media first."

Tomm, she's the one talking about the negative reaction, I'm just speaking to the source. Like you said, "nobody cares", except maybe people with motives. Hardly paranoid, more like typical.

burlivespipe said...

Paranoia doesn't make any less feasible. Do yourself a favour, Tomm, and scan over the time line of American history as carved by Karl Rove. You know, the guy who Harper has a happy face for?

JimBobby said...
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JimBobby said...

Whooee! I wouldn't email them with any political opinions or advice or observations. Dealing with those sorts of emails cuts into their company's productivity.

Like many bloggers, I am involved in some meatspace community activities and organizations -- riding associations, service clubs, churches, chambers of commerce, arts organizations, etc. Many of these organizations stage events like dinners, strawberry socials, meet'n'greets, concerts, art shows, dances, etc.

I have advised an organization with which I am involved of the existence of Green Shift and the fact that they sell eco-friendly products. Our organization emailed Green Shift and requested (and received) a product catalog and price list. We will likely purchase some products, assuming our board of directors is in favour.

The interesting part is that I had heard about corn starch based cups and plates and utensils about a year ago and had been thinking our community centre should look into it. It was on the back burner until this dust-up reminded me and, incidentally, provided me with a source.

If your organization could make itself greener by using Green Shift's products, you'll be doing the earth a favour by purchasing. You'll also be showing the company that the publicity they've got isn't all bad. Kill 'em with kindness, sez I.


Steve V said...


You're a better man than me. Watching this publicity hound operate, I will never buy anything remotely associated with this company. Maybe the Liberal lawyers could use your organization, to prove that the publicity has helped business ;)