Friday, April 09, 2010

"Even If You're Not On The List"

A trivial point on one level, given all the other issues swirling, but the above line from Harper was quite telling. The Conservatives still cling to this nonsensical narrative that they are accountable and transparent, even though every fact at hand suggests the exact opposite. The Conservatives are a complete FRAUD on this score, and Harper's quote speaks to the broader reality.

What a splendid day for accountability, the Prime Minister actually took a question from a reporter that wasn't sanctioned by the PMO. In the Harper world, the media doesn't do scrums or pressers, they're part of some carefully orchestrated presentation. There is an underlying threat with the "list" requirement, be particularly harsh on the government, don't expect to get a coveted question. Not that Harper ever answers questions, but you get the gist.

I suppose we should all be happy that Harper takes reporters questions at all. Don't forget, this champion of accountability actually refused to appear on CBC during the last election, if he had to answer ONE question from an actual voter.

A wildly spontaneous moment, Stephen Harper deviated from the list.


Tof KW said...

Well I left a long post about the Jaffer influence peddling controversy over at the BCL blog (sorry Steve but BCL is the #1 source for 'Busty Hooker' stories) that is now buried by several new threads thanks to all the activity today. However, replying to the Harpernauts over there still calling the Grits corrupt, I ended it with this:

"And any Reformatory trolls here who call the LPC ‘lieberals’ or ‘corrupt’ and still think you support a squeaky-clean party of open, transparent government – look in the mirror. You have become the ultimate in hypocrisy."

If so fits here too.

Omar said...

Perhaps Harper needs to book another evening at the NAC for a prime ministerial Beatles tune performance. Given the last 24 hours 'A Day in the Life' would seem an appropriate cover for him to titillate us with - "I read the news today oh boy".

HAHAHAHA! Well I just had to laugh.

Big Winnie said...

Harper screwed up, plain and simple...His comment is indicative of the CONs controlling the media scrums.

I just wish the media would stop the BS and start taking Harper to task...If Harper doesn't like it, TOUGH!!!

Steve V said...

Yesterday Soudas floated the sponsorship angle. What was hilarious, he started by saying Ignatieff had been out of country for 24 years. Their attacks don't even make sense anymore, if the guy was out of country, he's hardly responsible for past scandals.

Get some new lines.

Big Winnie said...

You're correct Steve.

Someone should remind him of his behaviour in Copenhagen

Tof KW said...

Yesterday Soudas floated the sponsorship angle. What was hilarious, he started by saying Ignatieff had been out of country for 24 years.

The Grits need to grill any Reformatory that brings up this sponsorship crap. Trying to link Ignatieff to it is like trying to link Obama with Bill Clinton's sex scandal.

Note to Harperbots: trying to use a past administration's sins to absolve you of your own current scandals makes you look really, really stupid. Imagine Liberals saying don't vote for Harper because of the Airbus scandal. That's pretty much Soudas' argument there.

Jerry Prager said...

I just read Iggy's True Patriot Love, his tale of his Grant ancestors. Seems each of his great-grandfather, grandfather,and his garrulous, lamenting the nation conservative uncle George spent years out of Canada, and each one of them had a huge impact on the nation.
The Harpercons are as corrupt as the day is long, and with spring on its way to summer, they are getting more and more corrupt. The idea that nobody has 'access' to the PMO is a load of horseshit.
They may not remember who Tom Flanagan is, but they have a list with access to Harpercon central.
As Bob Marley says. hypocrites, you dirty hypocrites, you better watch out."

Jerry Prager said...

Funny, when I was a community newspaper editor in Angus the Guergis' pronounced their name Georges, apparently they've re-ethnicized their name. Though the character of the family then is right in keeping with her actions.
Very strange family.

Chrystal Ocean said...

"Fraud" may be the operative word in this incidence.

JimmE said...

After having read the Star piece the present PM said he had confidence in his minister. 22 hours later she's gone. This must be deeper & stinkier than we presently know, & the RCMP are being used as a shield to mute any questions. Look for some silent or subtle staff changes in the days and weeks.

CK said...

I posted about this subject earlier today. While I think there is something damning that Brother Steve ain't a tellin'; I don't think it's as serious as what he has going on right now. In fact, I believe that is one of the reasons he kept her on this long;even still keeps her on (albeit as an independent). Steve has s$%^ all around and she provides the perfect distraction.

Another thing that's curious is (I don't believe in coincidences): Adscam is making a comeback these days, starting with that 3 part series from Daniel Leblanc at the Grope and Fail. One must wonder about the timing of that.

Iggy needs to put Adscam to rest once and for all, without taking ownership of it.