Friday, April 16, 2010

How Do They Pull It Off?

Just prior to the 2008 election, then Minister of Environment John Baird said that the Conservatives regulatory regime on greenhouse gases wouldn't be released until after the vote. Jason Kenney said the regulations would be published "later that fall". At the time, it was perplexing that the Conservatives could actually attack other plans, when they refused to release their own. Sadly, the Conservatives were able to avoid real accountability on this score, and their shell game proved effective. That was two years ago, and the most amazing thing of all, the Conservatives have NEVER released jacksquat, despite all those PROMISES. I've yet to hear ONE pointed question on what amounted to a bald faced lie at the time, but that's yesterday's news I suppose.

Fast forward to 2010 and we get the most nonsensical presentation from the Conservatives:
Ottawa stalls on emissions rules

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is signalling further delays in imposing greenhouse gas emission standards on the oil sector and other industries, saying Ottawa does not want to lose jobs and investment by driving activity out of the country.

The Conservative government is waiting for the United States to decide how it will impose climate-change regulations before acting here. And the U.S. Congress could take up to two years to pass legislation that sets caps on greenhouse gas emissions, Mr. Prentice told a Senate committee Thursday.

From what I understand "up to two years" is optimistic, and if the Democrats lose seats in the fall, the Americans may never act on this file. Jim Prentice knows this well, and yet he acts as though something is imminent from Congress. So, two years ago Baird promised standards in a matter of weeks, and now Prentice is saying two more years MAYBE we get something. Can we once and for all cut through the stifling stench wafting from Mount Loose Stool? Just once, a review of the record and the pointed question- come on Mr. Prentice, you're government has promised SOMETHING for years, you NEVER deliver, why not just admit you have NO intention of doing anything, rather than the latest tactic of waiting on a foreign government to set domestic policy? Is it to much to ask for somebody to just laugh in Prentice's face, when he actually posits a commitment where none exists?


David said...

They can pull it off because the majority of us don't give a shit about it.

When times are good it might make a comeback as it's really one of those useless issues that wealthy nations tend to get smug about.

Why don't we focus on some environmental issues we can all get behind? Clean air and water, concentrations of toxic waste, maybe even reduction of trash in landfills.

You stand to lose the whole bag if you focus solely on AGW, as the shrill freaks promoting it tend to look like wild fanatics.

In that context, it's not an easy sell.

Steve V said...

Ya, those wild fanatical scientists promoting it, what a bunch.

Big Winnie said...

Actually Steve, he's made a commitment to make NO commitments.

Yet Provinces are already taking the matter upon themselves and have "snubbed" their noses at Prentice and the rest of the government.

Steve V said...

It's good the provinces are filling the void, and the worst part Prentice is actually taking credit.

If David is truly correct and nobody gives a shit, then it doesn't quite jive with this charade the Conservatives project. I mean, if people don't care, where's the harm in coming clean? Their own actions undermine that perspective, and it tells me their internal polling shows vulnerability on this file.

marie said...

Sorry David but you don't know beans and don't try and speak for the lot of us.

If you don't want to beieve in global warming, so be it but don't ever think you can speak for all Canadians in Canada because you are dead wrong again.

Marpman said...

Whether you would like to think David is correct marie, he is. At Dion's last stand he pushed the environmental agenda...the Tories simply said 'lost jobs' or 'taxes' and kaboom...done.
They are saying the same thing....terrified to take a stand and lose jobs as a result. The thing is...nobody knows that this will happen. Probably will not...
Actually, has Prentice ever done anything at all..he has been around for a coons-age...has he ever done anything?
Kinda like Baird...has he ever actually pushed a piece of legislation through?

Steve V said...

"Whether you would like to think David is correct marie, he is."

I just can't agree with any of that. If true, why then the fascade, why are you trying to look credible, if nobody cares?

On the wider picture, the Libs didn't lose because of the environment, I can think of about a dozen reasons superceding that argument. I'd also add, look at that Green vote, not to mention the Bloc and NDP subsets. It's not a loser, it's diluted. As for the economic angle, strange to watch people like McGuinty chasing every green project he can find to rebuild the base, create jobs.

Marpman said...

I hope you are correct Steve, I just hear the word taxes or job-loss in every statement directed at the environment.
The facade is the promise of a policy. As long as it is never delivered they can float in the breeze, picking or chosing what they stand for based on whatever they believe the electorate will buy today.
I agreed with Dion then, and would agree with the LPC making this on the cornerstones of what they are. Its not my vote they need though.

Greg said...

When there are major crop failures on the prairies from climate change, Conservatives will start to give a shit about it. Until then, not so much. Oh and when it does happen, they will repeat, and repeat and repeat "Nobody saw this coming".

Dame said...

The Cons should call themselves as THE BLOCK blocking everything what would be progressive and just plain sensible. As long as the left is so fragmented as it is THE BLOCK will rein . What the freaking good is having a GREEN PARTY ? ?? the only Good they can do enabling Harper .
Same is For The NDP.
If people don't wake up they can "pull" anything and they do.

Steve V said...


I just think we are moving from the theoretical arguments to the practical, and people are starting to see that going green has an economic upside.

Just an aside, it's sort of funny to listen to people like David and the "wild fanatics" argument. Is there a more motley crew than the denier camp? 90% of them failed grade 11 science and yet they are so oblivious they think they know better. I swear, in a few decades people will look back on these characters like we do when they used to drill holes in your head to let the evil spirits out.