Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dryden To Kennedy?

Okay it was only one, largely unsubstantiated line, in a piece about the importance of momentum, but it is intriguing:
It's not clear who any candidate would support if he or she drops out.
There are links between the supporters of Mr. Dryden and Mr. Kennedy, but the former hockey star has not shown his leanings.

If there is some tangible proof of this “connection”, I think Kennedy’s people should go full on to secure Dryden’s support. I like Dryden, as a matter of fact when this race started I envisioned scenarios where he could emerge as the consensus number two. However, his campaign has failed to gain any traction whatsoever and as a result his prospects are bleak at best. Bevilacqua's decision starts a new stage in the race, wherein pressure for other second-tier candidates to drop out intensifies, while the supposed frontrunners jockey to garner support. Now is the time for people like Dryden to make some tough decisions and possibly bold endorsements.

To be frank, Kennedy desperately needs a high-profile endorsement to get some momentum. Kennedy has benefited from impressive signup numbers, but since then has largely failed to capitalize on the attention. I really want to endorse Kennedy, his lack of baggage is his trump card, all things being equal. Trouble is, right now all things are hardly equal. Despite repeated criticisms about a lack of policy positions, the Kennedy campaign has failed to respond. On the campaign website, there are a paltry two policy positions (although innovative), of which the last was released a full two months ago. Maybe the campaign has some master plan to bombard us with substance as the convention nears, but time doesn’t allow for distant strategies. People are deciding now, buzz is influence and momentum king. Distinguish yourself or be extinguished.

The Kennedy campaign must operate with a sense of urgency, despite the perceived long timetable. Kennedy’s handlers should press hard, find common ground with the Dryden campaign and do everything possible to bring him on board.


S.K. said...

Have you read the ex-officio and high profile list of supporters of candidats in the Hill Times? Dryden's is one of the longest. He is not dropping out and will not support Kennedy.

Steve V said...

I have read the list, but that doesn't detract from the fact that his campaign has failed to spark. I like Dryden, but I don't endorse the "stay in the race" philosophy just to be relevant at the convention. The question should be, can he win? I could be wrong, but I don't see it, nor do I see it turning around. The best thing for the party, par down the field and let's see some real substantive debates.

Concerned Albertan said...

I think you should look at how much policy other campaigns have poduced, before citing a lack of policy from Kennedy. They are all about the same (or even less than Kennedy)

Steve V said...


You raise a valid point. However, the criticism I have heard from media and bloggers alike- Kennedy is weak on substance. True or not, the best way to kill the perception, release a ton of policy positions. I don't think the campaign has responded well, in just letting that perception gel without a real response. I understand the candidates are busy, but Kennedy needs to blunt the criticism. I like the guy, this is just friendly advice.

I might add, I also made the same defense of Kennedy, concerning other campaigns, a couple months ago.

Anonymous said...

Hang tight.
Your wish will soon come true.