Sunday, August 27, 2006

Liberal Leadership: "A Dud"

I read a Sun Media "editorial" today that categorizes the Liberal leadership as a fruitless exercise, fought amongst uninspiring "duds":
The convention is already shaping up to be a dud.

Party members appear doubtful any of the candidates can win the leadership and then go on and beat Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government in the next election. Why else would so few be willing to pony up any serious money for the contenders campaign chests...

What's most revealing is the absence of Liberal heavyweights from this race. They've obviously decided to wait on the sidelines until they have a legitimate chance of beating their opponents.

They apparently understand, as do a multitude of Liberal supporters, that there's no point betting money on a lame horse.

The thesis, that fundraising numbers support the "dud" argument fails to acknowledge the new rules for contributions. Does anyone really believe that coffers wouldn't be full if candidates could solicite money the old way? You can't compare apples and oranges and extrapolate a real gauge of interest.

Maybe the author of this editorial is locked inside some Conservative bunker, because any objective reading of the polls suggests a grand opportunity for the Liberals to re-take power. Despite the fact the Liberals are without a leader and Harper essentially has the stage alone, it would appear we are exactly where we were on election night. It is actually amazing that the Liberal brand hasn't deteriorated, and the Conservatives flourished, despite the adverse conditions- this is cause for great optimism in my mind.

For all intent and purposes, the leadership race is just starting. Did anyone really expect the public to be riveted for months on end? Candidates are just now putting flesh to bone, the debate is gaining some clarity and the calendar is kind. I am saving this editorial, so I can re-read it the last week in November and have myself a good chuckle, as the race reaches crescendo.


Steve V said...


I edited it, although superficial tripe it is :)

Jeff said...

Whenever I hear the lame dud argument from a Conservative source I just come back with three names: Harper, Clement, Stronach. Now there was a race that set the country in fire.

Steve V said...


Clearly the standard bearer on which all subsequent races should be compared.

I actually think this race is quite interesting, given where we are now. Are you going to the convention?

Anonymous said...

Those enthralled with memories of the Dweeb, the Geek and the Blonde can be excused for their faulty memories. Give me the days of Clark, Wagner and Mulroney for the blue men's group.
There's an incredible array of talent and views from the Liberal field, and captains McKenna, Copps and Manley are not missed.
The editorial is to be expected from the rightwingers. As you so aptly pointed out, despite an unfocused opposition, a free field in which to march over, and the illusion of freshness, Harpor has managed to stall on the 40-yard line and is dying to punt. However, not even Hank Ilesic could pump up those numbers for a majority.
And as more people get a whiff of what Harpor's gang has in store -- budget deficits to spin public opinion to massive program cuts/layoffs, more gluing Canada's international rep to the sinking US ship -- they are not being scared, but repelled. We just need to pick the leader and some policy to harness that.

CuriosityCat said...

The Sun editorial is arrant nonsense. They are showing their dinosaur-heritage by ignoring one of the most important changes in the past year or two in Canadian politics: the advent of the bloggers. If the Sun editors could actually manage to switch on a computer and zero in on Canadian blogs, they would find that this leadership convention was and is anything but dull.

Let's contrast the activity in the minority government of Harper, with the activity in the Liberal Party.

Which party:

• has been muzzled by its leader, so that intelligent discourse is prohibited?
• has only allowed one person – the leader – to make any announcements of significant policies?
• has had fervent debate amongst supporters on a variety of topics?
• has fierce battles waged daily by members concerned about the future of the country?
• has shown the maturity and flexibility required to face difficult choices and discuss them openly, rather than retreating behind party dogma?

The Liberal Party is alive and kicking.

Let's see what the editors of the Sun say once a leader is selected and battle is joined with the new Tories. Especially if that leader is street smart Bob Rae.

Jeff said...

Steve, I hope to get elected as a delegate, but it's a longshot. You?

Lance, I can indeed vote, and I'll eb voting for Dion. As for the last Con race, you're engaging in some handy revisionist history. It wasn't that long ago Harper was considered a dud and some Cons were plotting to dump him. Things can change quickly, is the point.

Steve V said...

Well apparently my riding has a hard time getting enough people to go as delegates. In the past they have given other ridings their delegates, so I was told if I want to go it shouldn't be an issue. The riding association has also allocated some money to help people with the cost.