Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spinning Our Wheels

Defence Minister O'Connor admits we have made no progress to date in Afghanistan:
Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor says he wants to send more money and equipment to help Canada's mission in southern Afghanistan, acknowledging that the security situation hasn't improved since Canadian troops arrived there in force earlier this year...

He also acknowledged that the security situation hasn't improved in Kandahar since his previous visit in March. Canada took responsibility for securing the volatile province earlier this year, but local officials say a rising insurgency has crippled Kandahar in the months since the handover.

"Since I was last here in March, there has been an increase in tempo of conflict in this area," Mr. O'Connor said...

"I can't say that things are better at the moment in the security sense, but they're certainly under control."

O'Connor also admits that NATO must do more to better equip the Afghan army, so that they can defend themselves. This admission might serve as the first possible hint of an exit strategy- it also lends credence to the quagmire argument.

The fact that the Defence Minister, a primary defender of the war, acknowledges the stalemate gives weight to those who suggest we need to re-think our mission. What is the point in spinning our wheels, while people continually die? There is an element of changing gears in O'Connor's statements which makes the criticisms of the mission all the more well founded. It would seem everyone is coming to terms with the fact that the mission isn't accomplishing its goal, despite the massive commitment of the international community. Interesting, that the Kennedy position might turn out to be "ahead of the curve" as we move forward. Naive or astute?

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Anonymous said...

Someone has to be first. In two years Kennedy will look like he just stated the obvious.