Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Layton's Lost

Reading all the coverage over Harper's astute bombshell today, one line keeps popping out:
NDP Leader Jack Layton said his party will support both the Bloc and government motions.

On a day when politics took a backseat, Layton looks more the silly opportunist. The answer is simple, support Harper and form a united federalist front, but instead Layton decrees he will vote for the Bloc's mischevious declaration. Why in the world would Layton give Duceppe's transparent attempt to fan the flames any credibility? Does Layton actually think this obvious attempt to score cheap points will resonate with Quebecers?

Actually, this move pretty much sums up the Layton dilemna. Layton has been absolutely masterfully, entirely relevant, and worthy of praise on the environmental file. However, before we clap too loud, we are then reminded of the other Layton that reminds us all of the bad used car salesman, who will do anything to make the deal. Quite frankly Jack this is bullshit and you deservedly look lost in the muck of hyper-politicism. How proud, when you vote for two statements that are diametrically opposed. One step forward, two steps back and forever maddening.


Winnipeg Liberal said...

Hear, hear.

Layton looked the fool today. There's no other way to describe it.

Karen said...

Thank goodness that someone brought up Layton. I watched the session today, listened to him, campaigning, for all intense and purpose and he was booed. Imagine, on this question, he was promoting his Party as being able to promote both sides of it. me this is who Jack is. I do not stand against everything the NDP stands for, but Jack, well, he's been in Ottawa too long to credibly be for the people. He stands for Jack most of the time and what he can gain politically.

On the Clean Air Act, I said I'd hold out optimism, but feared that Jack was doing the political thing. Tonight, I'm sorry, I just see an opportunist and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

Even the guys who make the cars can't stand Layton anymore.

Olaf said...


Did you hear Layton in the house of commons??? It was despicable... Bill Graham was practically crying (which was weird, but seemed genuine), and Layton took the opportunity so say how "Quebec is a nation which embraces social democratic values" or something like that.

The fact that they never have and never will vote in a NDP MP seemed altogether incidental. It was shameful.

Anonymous said...

Layton had to support both motions, as the NDP have officially recocnized Quebeckers as a nation for quite some time now. Besides, from what I've read, Harper's motion and Duceppe's motion are identical except for the the words "within a unired Canada".

Mark Dowling said...

maybe Jack would like every part of Canada that, like Quebec, has no prospect of electing an NDP MP to leave.