Thursday, November 02, 2006


If anyone wants to see an Environment Minister squirm and generally look incompetent, I highly recommend a viewing of Rona Ambrose's appearance on the CBC(Thursday, starting at 32 minutes). Ambrose, in what is sad spin, verging on pathetic, actually said:
"Ya, we are really excited that the NDP has suggested this, it is something we were hoping would happen. The Clean Air Act is really a good piece of legislation, that has strong substance to it...

It is going to committee, where all the opposition will have a say and I think that's great to see because I have always believed that on the environment, this should be beyond politics, beyond partisanship, so we are really excited.

Exciting isn't it? Unfortunately Ambrose's facial experience and insincerity didn't quite match the rhetoric, she looked like someone stole her lunch. I guess you have to conclude that Ambrose really couldn't have said anything else, she must try to spin this as some victory. The Conservatives were hoping Layton would threaten to bring down the government, okay I buy that. We welcome a collaboration that allows the opposition control, sure. The alternative answer- our legislation has been a massive flop, soundly rejected by all sides and thus we are now in damage control, so we accommodated the communists to dampen the horrible optics. "Excited" sounds better.

Ambrose then went on to pontificate about Canada's reputation, and how the Conservative initiative was demonstrating to the world how serious we are on emissions. If you pick up a seashell, not only can you hear the ocean, you can faintly hear the other side of the ocean and the accompanying laughter. Ambrose almost appeared delusional in her perspective. The overriding theme of this interview, "not ready for primetime". Calling Elizabeth May.


Olaf said...

Well this post is beyond cynical, and frankly Steve, beneath you :)

Give Rona a break, that's how she looks when she's excited (you should see her when she's mad, it's pretty confusing). Not to mention she was given by far the most complex file by Harper, and the one that was guaranteed to take the most flack (from within the caucus before it was released, and from the opposition/general public after it was released).

She is excited to get some help because she needs it. I mean hell, aren't we all excited?

It's the first time in a while I've seen a minister actually get excited about their department... Jesus, you had to wake Stephane Dion up half the time he was talking about it... C'mon! I say we jump on Rona's exciting bandwagon and ride the wave!

Steve V said...


If you really believe she is "excited" about having her legislation ripped to shreds then partisanship is clouding your judgement. What has happened this week represents a complete failure and has further diminished her stature. Ambrose is not up to this job, with each appearance that fact becomes more obvious. I am willing to bet that Harper hatched this strategy and let Ambrose know after the fact.

Olaf said...


I was mostly kidding in my comment. Clearly she is not 100% in love with the idea that her only piece of legislation is going to be ripped to shreds and she'll get no credit for the end product.

Along with my facetiousness in trying to convince anyone she was actually excited, I do think that she's got shit on enough by the media. I mean, do you really think that she came up with the meat and bones of the plan, and that it had nothing to do with Harper and Flaherty saying "look, this is as far as you can go, good luck".

I don't think that you can take the Clean Air act as evidence of incompetance necessarily, as if she could have come up with any plan in the world, and just didn't consider making the targets effective sooner.

She definitely hasn't been a raging success, but she got the hardest job in government, other than a spokesperson in the Foreign Affairs department. I say if she's willing to swallow her pride and pretend she's looking forward to the help on the bill, I say we let her.

'Tis all.

HearHere said...

Well - since the Conservative Green Plan was drafted using the same science and research and the same beurocrats for the most part as the Liberals, or Dion's or the rest (all quoting the same 2050 target from the Environment Roundtable for example) ; and since the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) would be used by all parties to draft pollution legislations; and since the Conservatives promised that they would consult with the Provinces and Industries BEFORE placing mandatory short, medium and long term targets on them (since they are the ones who have to comply) and since all of these consultations and targets hve to be in place by March 2007 (they have all received a Notice to Legislate Mandatory targets - which was the law BEFORE these targets could be set ...
since all of this one wonders exactly what differences there could possibly be in any green plan.
The differences may be mandatory or voluntary but ALL industries are to be affected.

The differences could be the emmisions targets - but they can only do what is achievable - setting limits that sound good but are unreachable (like Kyoto) is pure stupidity as we have seen.

So....let the green games begin.