Friday, December 21, 2007


Petty is right:
It's a pre-Christmas ritual between journalists scrambling to extract a news scoop during their ten minutes of face time and a prime minister equally determined to control his message. There will be many, many pages of Stephen Says journalism today as the embargo is lifted and "exclusive" stories from dozens of interviews pour into the news hole.

The notable exception will be CBC Radio, which was denied a chat with the Prime Minister because his office wouldn't approve Kathleen Petty, host of The House weekly politics show, as a worthy interviewer. Outrageous, if you ask me.

Outrageous, and entirely predictable. I suspect Petty is guilty of not allowing unedited propaganda on her show, and hence PM Petty is punishing her defiance.


Anonymous said...

Kathleen Petty is the one who seems determined to live up to her surname. I can barely stand to listen to her "interviews" on CBC. She doesn't ask questions, she accuses, and then she can't be bothered to listen to the interviewee's responses - butting in and giving her own opinions and justifications. I don't want to (or care) what she thinks. I'm only interested in her guests' comments and opinions. No wonder PMSH won't give her the time of day.

Steve V said...

"No wonder PMSH won't give her the time of day."

The PMSH is code for rabid Conservative partisan.