Friday, December 07, 2007

We're Number One!

Canada collected it's 3rd and 4th "Fossil of the Day" awards in Bali. If only Canada can do this well in Vancouver 2010. Today, we picked up the coveted first prize slot and shared another award with the Americans:


Canada and the US are awarded the third prize for refusing to accept the G77 draft proposal for technology transfer as the basis for discussion at the SBI contact group. When the US and Canada are asked about their own plans for emissions reductions, they sing about the wonders of technology—but then when developing nations ask for their assistance in implementing green tech, the US and Canada run from the room.

The US continues its fossil collection with a second place finish for reopening the Major Emitters (or as they call it, Major Economies) negotiations in the midst of the Bali negotiations—both for distracting other countries’ negotiators from the real work to be done here, and for pushing this ridiculous side process in general.


Canada roared into a first-place Fossil finish for refusing to take on absolute emissions reductions targets unless developing countries do so as well—ignoring Canada’s historical responsibility and its vastly higher per capita emissions compared to developing countries. Could Mr. Harper be hiding behind developing countries as a way to protect his precious tar sands?

Four awards, in a mere five days. By all indications, many more to follow....


Jay said...

I can barely contain my glee.

I haven't been so proud since I lost the science fair in grade 8.

sassy said...

Harper's own expression "Canada is Back"(wards)

Steve V - ...many more to follow....

O'Canada - the Gold in denial & obstruction could soon by ours.

Steve V said...

And people thought "leading the world" was just talk.

Jay said...

"O'Canada - the Gold in denial & obstruction could soon by ours"

It might be close the US is better trained but I've no doubt we'll win it.

We may be newcomers but the momentum is there!

Steve V said...


I'm hoping for the trifecta one day- first, second and third. Dare to dream, reach for the skies...