Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cadman Book Leak

You can get a leaked copy of "Like A Rock" online. Nothing particularly new on the Conservative bribery allegation, most of that has already been released. What I did find interesting, a couple passages, describing what the Liberals did in trying to sway Cadman. Quite a contrast, the supposed ethically challenged, dirty Liberals, take the high road and gain some respect:
"A few minutes before their distinguished Liberal guests( Dosanjh and Martin) arrived,Chuck and Dona wondered what they were going to be offered in an attempt to buy Chuck's vote. Both were pleasantly surprised"

Paul Martin:
He appealed to Chuck's sense ofreason, recognizing him to be a manof principle.

"In the conversation that I had with Chuck Cadman, and Dona was there-she heard rhe whole rhing as did Ujjal-he never asked for anything,"
Martin stressed.

"It never even occurred to us that he would want anything. It never even crossed our minds. The conversation totally took place on what was
the right thing for the country, and that is the only conversation that I believe that he would have tolerated or understood or accepted in any

The Cadman's perspective:
After the prime minister left and Chuck and Dona were once again alone in their little apartment, they looked at each other with eyebrows raised and smiled.
"Well, what do you think about that?" Chuck inquired. "The prime minister sitting in our living room, with our IKEA furniture!"

After a pause, he added, "Well, they didn't offer anything, did they?"

"No, they didn't," Dona agreed, with surprise in her voice.

"That's kind ofinteresting," Chuck mused.

He respected Paul Martin for not trying to buy him. Dona figured Vjjal Dosanjh had a hand in that. "I think Vjjal had a lot to do with that, knowing that he couldn't be bought. I think it showed
a lot of class."

I guess the Cadman's were surprised at the Liberals, given the Santa Claus routine from the other suitor party. I just find it interesting, that the Liberals acted with class, the Conservatives anything but. What a hard pill for Conservatives to swallow, their moral construct, which generates their false disdain is just an illusion, they were duped. No better, in the minds of the Cadman's, much worse in fact.


Gayle said...

Did you see Charles Adler's column in the Post? The one where he suggests Cadman lied to his family because he was bitter when the conservatives would not meet his price for his vote?

I guess Adler et al are going to have to add Martin and Dosanjh to their list of liars in their desperate attempt to suggest their own hands are clean.

In another note, whoever leaked this to the internet better hope they are not found out, as there is a big lawsuit awaiting them.

Steve V said...

"Did you see Charles Adler's column in the Post?"

I read a Kay column yesterday, it was so out to lunch, I've given up on the NP. What a useless rag, on Friday all of their outlets ignored the story, and since all they can do is flail away, it's like an alternate universe. I suppose it provides a safe haven for the supporters with their hands over their ears.

Karen said...

gayle I just wrote about it. It made me sick.

Steve, I refused to link to the book, because as an artist, I'm sorry for this author.

Looking at your cut and paste though, it's obvious that the document was scanned, so, someone not considering the impact. gayle, I do hope whoever this is, is sued. For the record, I'm going to buy the book because frankly I'd like to know more about the man, Cadman.

That aside, you brought out some interesting excerpts. It's not surprising to me to see that the Lib's behaved. Good grief, consider the position Martin was in?

I don't think Martin needed Ujjal's persuasion. I think he was the introduction point. He knew Cadman.

The Con's are quick to relate back to Adscam, but how can you compare corrupt civil servents and horrible oversight, with the leader of the opposition then and now sitting PM with that?

My feeling is we've allowed ourselves to be painted and it's time to grab the brush. Not the canvas just yet, but the brush.

Anonymous said...

Kay was really bad, but Adler is even worse. He really trashes the entire Cadman family (living and dead) as you might guess by the Cadmanscam in the title.

I was really surprised to see the entire book on the web, but I keep wondering who is doing all the leaking. I also wonder if anything in this section will change in the published version. The publisher said an early (year old) copy had been leaked.

Anonymous said...

While we're recalling those happy days, it might be worth remembering how Chuck Cadman appeared in the Grewal tapes

Steve V said...


Speculating of course, but I wouldn't doubt the Cons leaked it. There is really nothing more in the book, that hasn't been released already, so by getting the whole thing out now, it eliminates the "other shoe" scenario.

"Steve, I refused to link to the book, because as an artist, I'm sorry for this author."

I completely understand that knb, but it's almost like trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Buckets. I hadn't seen that editing before. Those Harper-Conservatives are really bad.

Steve, you could be right about the leaks. I've already seen a Harper supporter saying that after reading the leaked book, he's even more convinced there's nothing to it. Presumably because Martin looked good.

Karen said...

Steve, agreed. It is like putting the genie back. I'm not being critical of you. It's out there plain and simple.

I think you did a great job of showing how this is yet to be resolved, while taking the Lib's out of the equation. Well done.

What do you think about the forward? I saw nothing there that told me Martin had read the book.

Tomm said...


I sure hope that Harper has the guts to put the idea of money for votes on the table. This isn't just Cadman. Cadman is sexy cuz he was dying and now he's dead and his widow and daughter are photogenic.

But the issue is a good one.

Do Canadian politican's barter their votes for favors?

Clearly it can be argued that they don't if the vote is "whipped" but are open to it at other times such as Belinda Stronach & Chuck Cadman were during the budget vote.

If its illegal than its illegal. I think Yogi Berra said that. If he didn't he should have.

If the Liberal's are successful with slinging it at Harper, I hope the media makes sure Paul Martin is right there with him because the Liberal's appear to be just as dirty.

I know this doesn't get the CPC off the hook, but it sure sounds funny coming from you guys given what happened with Stronach.


burlivespipe said...

Ahh, good ol' Tomm, taking over from Wilson when she's in the shop getting her tinfoil adjusted.
Your party offered a dying man a pretty big carrot to become one of them. Never mind that they backstabbed him at his own nomination (Harper sent in his agents to promote the new 'former liberal' guy -- which is now common practice among many of their suburban ridings). We've got 3 family members saying that Cadman's perception was that he was just offered a bribe, one aimed at his weakest point.
And all you can do is say 'They did it too!'
What high standards you seem to be setting for your children...

And thanks to Buckets. It just goes to show the Harper's Faust complex is a continuous thread. If we end up giving this corrupt, ethically lobotomized robot the keys to our country, i guess we can look south to see the end result. A political system gutted of its integrity and meaning.

Anonymous said...

I see that Mike Brock is saying that a copy of the leaked book was sent to him. I wonder if any non-Conservatives were also send a copy of the leaked book?

RuralSandi said...

Amazing how they keep mentioning/trashing Stronach but keep ignoring Khan and Emerson...hmmm.... - oh and Fortier.

I seem to recall when all this was happening Cadman being asked what he and Martin talked about and I thought Cadman said they discussed his mission regarding crime - related to his son's death. I could be wrong here.

So, watching the Mulroney thing, the current scandal regarding Cadman and watching on the news about Black going to prison today.

Not a good week for Conservatives -the family values people.

Steve V said...


I hardly think the "they did it too" argument is particularly strong, in fact it speaks a lack of real retort for the issue itself. All anyone can seem to offer is distractions, distortions, because they can't deal with the context. I'm not biting, nor do I have to defend a party I wasn't a member of...

Anonymous said...

The link isn't working anymore. Anywhere else to get it?