Sunday, July 13, 2008

Contradictions From Harper's "Experts"

Hardly news really, you can always find different "expert" opinion to present in court. That said, it is noteworthy that Harper's team actually used three experts to look at the Cadman tape, but only presented two initially, because the other "contradicts" their findings. I love the title:
Experts contradict each other in Cadman-Harper controversy

former FBI scientist hired by Stephen Harper's lawyer in the prime minister's $3.5-million lawsuit against the Liberal party has contradicted two other experts who said an audio tape at the centre of the legal action was doctored, court documents reveal.

Former FBI special agent Bruce Koenig – who lists expert evidence about former U.S. president Richard Nixon's Watergate tapes and analysis of gun shots in the assassination of John F. Kennedy among his accomplishments – said more evidence is needed to judge the veracity and integrity of the disputed tape recording.

concluded Zytaruk's original recording, his tape recorder and an external microphone if Zytaruk used one "are required to conduct a conclusive authenticity examination in a forensic audio laboratory."

That kind of examination is required to "scientifically" determine whether the original information is truly original, contains or has alterations, such as deletions or additions, Koenig said in the report he submitted with his own sworn affidavit.

So, this other "expert", with big credentials say you can't conclude anything with the current evidence, more is required for judgement. Why didn't Moore use this "expert" at his big presser, that "proved" the tape was a fake?

This conclusion is quite different from:
One of the initial two experts, the head of Owl Investigations Inc. in Colonia, N.J., said he concluded "with scientific certainty that this tape has been edited and doctored to misrepresent the event as it actually occurred."

Scientific certainty? And yet, Koenig, the man with the biggest pedigree, says you can't make scientific determinations based on what we know.

This conflict amongst Harper's "experts" highlights the disingenious presentation, made to Canadians, when they had full knowledge that there was no unanimious opinion, even with those PAID by the Conservatives. The two that were supportive are trumpeted, the other basically ignored, only coming to light through the court documents, only cited, because now the tactic has changed.

Gee, I wonder what the Liberal "experts" will say? Calling James Moore...


bigcitylib said...

Link don't work but I found the CP story.

Gough also wasn't equivocal on what he found on the tape, and mentioned the need for the original.

Steve V said...

Fixed the link. Thanks BCL.

Karen said...

I wonder if Moore will stay on this file now that he has a new job?

I suppose he is still the most logical choice, but man, this is not going to be pretty come the Fall.

Karen said...

Darn, I forgot to check the follow-up again.

Steve V said...

"this is not going to be pretty come the Fall."

I think that explains why the Cons have upped the settlement, put the pressure on now, because they want the Libs to fold. Even if the Libs lose the case, it's hardly a "win" for Harper, when you consider the daily media consumed with the trial, the question of improper conduct working in tandem with the real questions about what Harper did. Proving it, and creating a cloud, are two seperate things, the Cons know it.

Karen said...

Proving it, and creating a cloud, are two seperate things, the Cons know it.

Indeed, but so do the Lib's. I don't think there is a hope that they will fold. I think their strategy is to point out and add to the "Harper is changing the country" message. Shutting down discourse, attacking institutions, etc.

I'm not wishing away the summer by any means, but the Fall is going to be fun.

Steve V said...


I heard some report, never substantiated, that the Liberals were trying to settle, and this precipated Harper's upping of the damages amount. I hope that isn't true, and I'd gladly pony up some money for a seperate "stop the chill" fund.

Anonymous said...

This is all to change the channels from "what's on the tape" to "the tape". The more people talk about the tape and the reporter, the less they talk about what Harper says on the tape.

Steve V said...


True enough. The only problem, it is now the Cons who are elevating this tape to a status it never had. Harper always had the lame angle of just confirming the known offer, to come back under the Con umbrella and fight another election. Even though it didn't add up, it seemed enough to get a bored media to look elsewhere. By challenging the tape, in such a fundamental way, I say again, it acknowledges how damaging those words are, if left intact. Whether people start to put that all together remains to be seen, but it really is the fundamental point here, in my mind. This tape is BAD news for Harper, proven through actions.

Karen said...

and I'd gladly pony up some money for a seperate "stop the chill" fund

Me too.

Oh good grief, I see Johnathon is here right on cue.

Welland you say? I used to live there and guess what, most people don't sound like him.

Before you ask Johnathon, no, I did not live in Fonthill.

Steve V said...

"most people don't sound like him."

No, no, it's not like these misfits are representative of anything, just sad characters, empowered by their own delusional sense of purpose. It's amusing, but I don't have time for it.

Delete, and I rarely finish reading.

Karen said...

This is what insanity looks like.

I'm sure there are good people who support Harper, but this Jonathon guy is defining you, on the blogs at least.

You know how you are all hung up on calling all good Muslims...well I call all good Conservatives who can debate the issues to step foward.

Karen said...

Oh, you deleted him. Now I look insane, lol.

Fair enough. You and I saw what he wrote.

Steve V said...

I love watching it get unhinged :)

Gayle said...

"I heard some report, never substantiated, that the Liberals were trying to settle, and this precipated Harper's upping of the damages amount. I hope that isn't true, and I'd gladly pony up some money for a seperate "stop the chill" fund."

A lot of silly BT'ers are saying that, but in fact what occured was the mediation that is mandatory with all lawsuits in Ontario where the claim is for over 50 thousand dollars.

It would make no sense for Harper to up his damages request if the LPC were trying to settle.

Steve V said...

A new tidbit.

Anonymous said...