Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Everyone Doesn't Do It

Sorry Pierre:
Elections officials found no evidence that other political parties engaged in a scheme to circumvent spending limits as the Conservatives are accused of doing in the 2006 federal election, Canada's chief electoral officer said Tuesday.

But in his appearance before a Commons ethics committee Tuesday in Ottawa, Marc Mayrand told MPs he asked Elections Canada staff to review the returns of all major political parties in the 2004 and 2006 federal elections.

The review, he said, found no evidence of other parties directing money to local candidates who would then transfer the funds back to the party to spend on more advertising for the national campaign.

"Elections Canada has not identified any other transaction or group of transactions in which all of the other factors were in play," Mayrand said.

The only defence, Elections Canada part of another dasdardly plot to unfairly harm Conservatives. Good luck with that.


Steve V said...

What others are saying about Marc Mayrand:

"a strong and energetic manager with a proven background in operations and regulatory oversight."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Red Tory said...

He was a Conservative appointee, so it's pretty rich to try and blame it on all the nefarious Liberals at Elections Canada.

Steve V said...


Harper should give himself a big pat on the back today, given the way his appointee handled his appearance. Bravo sir, you picked a good one!

Anonymous said...

Could Mayrand suit PP for defamation of character? PP certainly has said enough negative things.

liberazzi said...
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liberazzi said...

The Harper's are having a pretty bad week in general:
1. Harper once again looking like a goof in a cowboy hat
2. The Khadr affair
3. The "doctored" tape
4. The Elections committee

Too bad this is all happening in July:P

Möbius said...

Yeah, I'm sure if all or any of that had happened in January, February, March, April, May, or June, the Liberals would have voted the government down!

Steve V said...


See you in the fall!!

liberazzi said...


Still, all good amunition for a fall election. All the Con denials are seeming a little hollow at the moment...

Steve V said...

July isn't supposed to go like this for the government, it's normally the season of plenty. And the kicker, all this while they're doling money out left and right trying to win votes, but not west of course ;)

Möbius said...

See you in the fall!!

You and I both know, it ain't gonna happen.

And, if you recall, I argued against it when you were the most vehement that it had to be done.

Election in October 2009 is my guess!

Steve V said...

It's a done deal, unless Harper prorogue's.

Anonymous said...

@liberazzi @ 7:24pm

. . .this is all happening in July . . .


As Church Lady would say, "How convenient."