Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conservatives Help Fill Liberal Coffers

The Liberals sent out a email solitication yesterday, in response to the Conservative attack ads (copy below):
Dear Liberal Friend,

Trust the Conservatives to get attack ads out faster than they can deliver their promised stimulus funding. Unable to provide leadership himself, Stephen Harper has launched new ads attempting to divert attention away from his government's failures to fix the economy and to undermine the credibility of the one leader he knows can take his place - Michael Ignatieff.

Enough is enough. Please make a donation today and help Michael respond with a new kind of politics and hold this government to account.

Canadians deserve a government dedicated to solving problems, not partisan attacks. Our future depends on it. Michael's honesty and leadership have already begun to offer Canadians a sense of hope for a brighter future, with a government that will help Canada prosper and grow. Show your support and let's remind the Conservatives that their games won't work - Canada comes first.

Thank you,

Rocco Rossi
National Director
Liberal Party of Canada

Please forward this message to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to get involved. With each new voice, each donation, each new membership, and each letter to the editor our ability to create a new kind of politics continues to grow.

I have a well placed source has told me this email fundraiser has already produced "the best result of any email solitication we have ever sent out". Further, it would appear the Conservatives have stirred up Liberal supporters, described as "people are outraged". Given that we've already had some successful email outreaches recently, it's quite encouraging to hear that the Liberals are responding to these attack ads in an unprecedented way. It's exactly the type of response that demonstrates the dynamics have changed.

If you haven't donated, follow the link above if so inclined.

Good stuff.


Liberal Arts and Minds has a quote from Liberal MP Marlene Jennings:
The Conservatives may have actually done us Liberals a favour by running their negative ads as it's helped our fundraising! Money is starting to pour in as Canadians are rejecting Harper's old-style politicking.


Anonymous said...

Just joined up for the Victory Fund.

Steve V said...

Right on!

RuralSandi said...

I will be joining up again after the long weekend. Now that they have to OMOV and because Harper makes extremely sick to my stomach, I will re-join.

(had a lot of extra expenses in the last couple of months - a roof that had to be done in a hurry and other things).

My hubby says he will be joining up too (he's never bothered to join or donate to a political party) - he's absolutely fed up with Harper.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the fundraising figures for this quarter when they come out.

Steve V said...


We raised 1 million the first day of this quarter, so...

Karen said...

Sandi and Muskoka Liblog, that's fantastic.

Sandi, my partner is the same. He's ready too.

Anonymous said...

Iggy in fighting mood at a fundraiser tonight.

Says he will pull the plug and force both Duceppe and Layton to prop up Harper.

Given their attacks on Iggy, it appears they will do just that.

Who is supporting the coalition now?

Unknown said...

Maybe if you are lucky you will raise half as much as the Conservatives this quarter. Lofty goals indeed.

C-Nuck said...

For the first time in 5 years I joined the Laurier Club this week after the Tories went negative.

I gave the max $1100.

I will know join the victory fund to give to my riding.

I guess it took Stephen Harper to wake me up.

Steve V said...



Steve V said...

Nevermind. These quotes were interesting:

""And I'm telling you straight and I'm telling you clear: I cannot continue to make Parliament work unless we get substantive EI reform before this Parliament rises in June."

Adding fuel to the fire are recent Conservative attack ads depicting Ignatieff as a long-absent political opportunist. Ignatieff fired back Thursday, warning that his party will soon retaliate with their own ads.

"I don't see why I need to reply in kind. Somebody's got to keep the bar up in the right place," he said.

"But we will reply. We will have vigorous ads attacking their record, you bet."

The Liberal ads will target the government's "skyrocketing" deficit and its failure to get much-needed stimulus funds out the door to kick-start the economy, he said.

"These are serious failings that the country needs to know about," he said.

Ignatieff condemned the Tories for launching the "offensive" ads while the country was suffering through its worst economic crisis in generations.

"When you're down in the polls, when you're presiding over the worst collapse in employment in recent memory, when you've got record bankruptcies everywhere you look, the thing you're going to do if you're in government and responsible for this mess -- you want to change the channel, and that's what they're trying to do," he said.

Dion is dead.

Jennifer Smith said...

And you're right at the top of National Newswatch right now, my friend. Too bad I didn't see this earlier - I just got back from a riding board meeting and I would have mentioned it.

Steve V said...

Pick a candidate yet? ;)

Anonymous said...

"Dion is dead."

We've come to bury Stephane, not to praise him.

Seriously, Dion actually did a good job responding to Harper until the Outremont by-election. Then it all fell apart.

Steve V said...

I meant all the dynamics at play while Dion was leader. People, cough Cons, who actually think that we're in the early stages of the redux, it's just not the same, in so many ways.

Jennifer Smith said...

Why, you got any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


I suggest James Orbinski, past president of Medecins sans Frontieres. May be running in Hamilton against the NDP, which may be the safer route.

JD said...

Just joined the Laurier Club AND the Victory Fund. Thanks for the impetus Stevie.

CuzBen said...

The new ads made me barf. Literally. The hangover didn't help.

But you're right, instead of supporting nobody, I'm now leaning towards donating/joining in order to oust the Cons.

It's time to turn the corner and restore a bit of integrity. It's gone too far.

burlivespipe said...

Great stuff - just sent in a donation. However, I never received the party's plea, and i should be on their list as a member and a victory fund member. So apparently there is still a lot of bugs to work out of the membership list system.