Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Harper Unplugged

Harper should never freelance, much better when he keeps to his tight scripted persona. See, when Harper does speak freely he tends to reveal too much, he tends to look every bit the mean hyper-partisan, low ball personality, that really isn't Prime Ministerial or worthy of any leadership role in this country. Today, in QP, Harper offered a threat, but in so doing he highlighted EVERYTHING that is wrong with him:
"Mr. Speaker, I can't fire the leader of the opposition. With all of the tapes i've got on him, I don't want to."

What a juvenile response first of all, even worse Harper seemed proud of his "witty" retort.

I though Ignatieff had the perfect response after QP:
Question: Mr. Harper said he has tapes on you.

Ignatieff: That's the other thing. He said in the house that he had tapes on me. That is the most Nixonian of Mr. Harper's many remarks. Every day that goes by he's more like Richard Nixon. We're in the middle of the most serious economic crisis since the second world war, and the prime minister of canada is wasting his time listening to tapes of me? And then, not content with that, he says it in the House of Commons so he'll intimidate me. I will not be intimidated by the prime minister. I've got a job to do which is to hold him to account. The public finances of our country are in freefall, and he's wasting time with tapes of me? It's a joke.

A joke of the highest order. We've just learned Canada is adding an extra 5 billion a month to our deficit, unemployment claims are skyrocketing, and Harper finds it necessary to give Canadians the visual of him sitting in the basement with headphones on, listening to old musings of a political opponent. That Harper VOLUNTARILY tied himself directly to this smear campaign, and essentially promised more, is a real indictment of his priorities.

Hey Kory, you better get a leash on your guy, because he's had a BAD couple of days in Parliament.


Jeff does the heavy lifting with the visual presentation:


lr said...

dirty, dirty politics. people are sick of it.

time for harper & his clowns to leave ottawa.
good riddance.

Steve V said...

It's days like today where I just can't believe this guy is actually our PM.

sjw said...

Kind of makes you wonder what kind of job Stock Day would have done as PM. I mean, I wouldn't want that evangelical as PM either, but at least he is civil in his discourse and usually makes attempt at coming across as professional.

RuralSandi said...

I couldn't believe what I heard. He was like a big pouty bully "kid" - you're being mean to me so I'm going to tell stuff on you.


Anonymous said...

Just when one thinks doughboy can't stoop any lower he exceeds the worst expectations of him. He lives in the gutter. He holds all of Canada and our institutions in contempt.

He is quite frankly an enemy of Canada.

He has tapes? What a farce!! He actually said that out loud???? Man his handlers must wonder what the h. is going on with him. One day he says he's raising taxes then this? Is he off his meds?

He has tarnished the office of PM. He disgusts.

Anonymous said...

I think Harper is going crazy. His sociopathic tendencies are being contained by circumstances beyond his control and he's losing his mind because of it.

I watched QP twice today just to watch and listen to Harper say it again. I couldn't believe it. And said in such a hooligan way, snarky with an edge of fear.

Unbelievable that this man is PM of Canada. O Canada! Poor Canada!

signed L. emersonia

Kirbycairo said...

Beside the unbelievably sinister statement that he 'has tapes' (begs the question, are these secret recordings?) I really believe that Harper and a number of his bullies have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and should probably be institutionalized for treatment.

rockfish said...

I guess Harper's first instinct 'I'll sue you!' was off the table. Apparently he doesn't recall that he's been around a microphone and TV cameras quite a bit over the past 12 years or so. Is he asking the Liberals to drench those up? If so, he goes back to option 1... What a fat, disgusting baby.

Jerry Prager said...

We got this guy because on the last weekend of the last election CTV aired the Dion 'question' tape, which destroyed the momentum the Liberals were gaining. CTV was chastised yesterday for unethical behaviour after giving their word about not using the tape, and so now, rather than our having someone like Dion as PM we have our own Nixonian slimeball, Enough of this weasel.

Niles said...

"I have in my hands..." Although I'd peg Harper's personality as Nixon, minus the ability to handle foreign affairs, as I watched Harper spout this on tv, my thoughts went to the communist witchhunter Senator McCarthy, not Nixon.

Harper hasn't produced anything, he just *claims* he's got something to produce. That in some vague way makes him happy about having Ignatieff as opposition leader...tapes which haven't been produced in the attack ads, where you'd think they'd have promptly ended up if they meant anything of destructive value to the Liberals. Because holding on to this stuff while bottoming in the polls makes a lot of sense.

Would these be the same (untampered!) tapes the Cons produced in the Grewal affair? Or the (tampered!) tapes produced in the Cadman affair? Or the (libel!)lawsuit claims against the Liberal website? Or is it just more of old speech tapes from Ignatieff's past lectures from when he was a furriner luvvin' fauxcanuck?

Look a condor! really is the operating mode of the Cons.