Wednesday, December 15, 2010

These Are Not Nice People

Last week, if you complained about the Harper photo op, it was sour grapes, petty, basically a no win argument. It was JUST a Christmas party, be charitable, don't politicize a NON political event. That's fine to think that way, but I prefer the learned reality, today I submit two PERFECT examples that show the wheels are always turning, the realm of pettiness a central Conservative trait.

From ipolitics:
This is not to say there are no party hijinks in the air. Case in point: Prime Minister Harper scheduled his annual Christmas party with the media to coincide with the Liberal Party annual caucus Christmas party, an event at which Michael Ignatieff is expected to give a speech aimed at rallying the troops.

Anybody who pays attention, knows there is a consistent pattern at play. The Conservatives always try to overlap any scheduled Liberal event, to steal headlines, play psychological warfare, etc. That we see this nonsense employed for a CHRISTMAS event is just to rich for words, given the events of last week. Anyone who thinks this is an accident is either a blind partisan or a complete idiot, devoid of the most basic of critical thought. Harper had his event, the media fawned and now this week the Liberals aren't afforded a similar courtesy, because this PMO is as dirty and classless as they come. That the Conservatives have done this completely validates anyone who took issue with last week's staged manipulation.

What kind of a message does this say to would be political candidates:
The Liberal who lost to Conservative Julian Fantino in the Vaughan federal by-election says he was fired from his position as chair of the regional hospital board as political payback.

“This is a real kick in the teeth,” Tony Genco told the Star of his firing from the volunteer position early Monday. “It’s bizarre to me, but they’ve decided I’ve become a political liability. I feel humiliated.”

The board of York Central Hospital is working to expand health service in the area with a new hospital in Vaughan. Fantino embraced the issue during the campaign, making the fight for federal infrastructure dollars for the hospital a central plank in his platform.

Genco says he believes the board wants him out to facilitate relations over the new hospital with Fantino and the Conservative government. Genco lost by about 1,000 votes in the Nov. 29 vote, after a rough and often personal campaign.

The board is “doing what the Tories want them to do,” he said, “which is to get rid of me . . . Now I’ve lost twice. This isn’t how things should be done — this is not a Third World country.”

Again, if one is deliberately ignorant, I'm sure you can cobble together some lame rationalization, that doesn't included POLITICAL PAYBACK. However, it is clear, Fantino loyalists, that Genco was turfed because of this by-election, because of who he fought against, because he spoke out and fought for his ideals. This firing should never occur in Canada, it amounts to political intimidation, provides a chill, an affront to our democracy. Everyone, everywhere should be offended, but the Conservatives know this is a one day story, with no legs, that will be quickly forgotten- unless of course your name is Tony Genco. Crazy.

So festive, so charitable, so Christmasy, tis the season. In reality, it's full on nasty politics, no matter the time of year. NEVER forget it, because our opponents never take a breather. What a shame, react accordingly...


Oxford County Liberals said...

Thee link to the Genco story is pointing to your original post.. not the news story I presume you want it to point it at.

Steve V said...

Fixed. Thanks :)

thwap said...

Just another outrage that a centre-left coalition comprised of politicians who do not utterly loathe their own political system could put a stop to.

Steve V said...

Interesting that the Flanagan piece today refers to Harper as a "strong man". What freaking country to do we live in?

rockfish said...

Don't listen to the echo chamber. Both of these doings fall well within what we know of Harper-nation. Perhaps we need to bottle our disdain and create a new, slightly fun, necessarily nasty coda to combat it...
Harper knows that he couldn't win a majority through his own ideas and plans, so he first has to turn the electorate away from ideas, turn them off of politics, and the next obvious step (well in motion) is to beat down the party members of the opposition until they throw up their hands. We've all taken time away from blogging, needed to recharge our batteries and even rediscover why we put our energies into this.
Harper continues to show us why.

Steve V said...

Latest HD poll has the Cons at 31%(down 2), Libs 29% (up 1).