Friday, June 17, 2011

The Good Anarchist

I don't doubt that anarchists were responsible for "lighting the spark" in Vancouver, but that seems an emerging convenient way to absolve what really happened. Anyways, I note that the media are looking for the man who was beaten trying to stop rioters. What I find amazing about the video (start it around 2:30 in), the man is beaten by fans, but SAVED by an apparent "anarchist"(yellow shirt), unless of course gas masks are now trendy:


weeble said...

One of the interesting notes is how little reporting of 'what happened after' has been done.

Yesterday morning a large contingent of people went downtown at 7am and worked to cleanup what happened. I have also seen groups attempting to assist those businesses affected.

What was nice to see was that the people who volunteered yesterday were young, within the same age range of the people primarily responsible for the destruction.

While we tend to focus on the negative..what we sometimes miss is how these events bring people out. The same for the 'anarchist' attempting to stop the looting.

PS I do not buy for a moment that this was caused by a group of anarchists. We have a anonymous-mob mentality to blame, people who within a group feel they are anonymous.

Steve V said...

I've seen lots of that sort of coverage, but I doubt it has gone outside Canada's borders.

Omar said...

I think elevating these clowns to the status of "anarchist" is asinine. What's next, referring to them as political prisoners when they are incarcerated for their crimes? Perhaps when these individuals begin attacking local legislatures, army barracks and police stations rather then electronic shops and mens clothing stores we could consider placing the lofty title of anarchist upon their heads. Until then, to my mind anyway, they are nothing more glamorous then lowly bandits and they are more than boring.

Anonymous said...

This whole "the anarchists done it" is pi$$ing me off in a large way.

I am an anarchist.

I've never once broken a store window at a rally, never once looted a store, never once tipped a car or set one on fire (heck, I've never even tipped a garbage can or set one on fire), and I've never once committed violence against another citizen for holding a view different from my own - and none of the anarchists I know have engaged in any of that behaviour either.

The authorities like to paint all of us with the same wide brush but when their numbers are involved in stupidity or criminal behaviour (cops, soldiers, politicians) use the "a few bad apples defence".

double nickel said...

What Omar and Stageleft said.

Steve V said...


I think they like to use the term because it scares people.