Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drive For Five

Below, a beaming and proud Inuit youth excepts the prestigious "Fossil of the Year" award in Durban on behalf of all humbled Canadians:

What is simply tremendous, Canada has now won this award FIVE TIMES IN A ROW! Think of all the nations on earth, and yet we have managed to snag this honour in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. Take that big polluters, take that America, there's a new player on the international stage and it's Canada baby!!

I walk with an extra bounce in my step today....


Frankly Canadian said...

I've said this before and I'll say it again, Canadians don't give a rats ass about climate change. We all think that taking the side of Kyoto means giving up our jobs and our childrens jobs. The media assault on Stephane Dion and his "Green Shift Plan" didn't help matters a whole lot either. I think Canadians will probably go down in the history books as being the number one biggest reason for the complacency in dealing with climate change, money money money!

Carmichael said...

I'm not sure Canadians give a rats ass about much of anything.

I'm not even sure they'd raise much of a stink if Attawapiskat was forcibly evacuated to a work camp.



marie said...

Who cares what you childish Con Bots think? Those of us that use a little common sense know better and are more concerened for our planet and the health of our children, grandchildren while you morons have no idea how this could effect your very own children but it is apparent that none of you dimmers have a clue about the enviroment and how neglecting to do something will also effect you all as well. Sure glad you both are not my relatives because you would be quickly disowned.

As for our childrens and our jobs, there would not be jobs for anyone including ourselves.

Typical Con mentality, think only of yourseves and to hell with those who do not agree with you. You would rather take the word of the cons rather then the professional envirmental and the scientific world.

I for one would cause a lot of stink if the Attawapiskat were forcibly evacuated and I do not stand alone. You know dimbo's there is such a thing like treaty settlements negotated many years ago by people a lot more intelligent then the lot of you ever hope to be.

These people have as much if not more rights then you uneducated so called people do. Live with it and please, grow up and use a tad of common sense before you rat out these people and the Koyoto accord. Just because your dictator Harper tells you its useless, you all need to start using that brain of yours and question his personality and come to realise that there is truth and their are lies and I am afraid he fits into the lairs club. And his not so swift parrot supporters such as yourselves keep on following him like sheep following their shepard cult to a Tee.

Carmichael said...

Whew. I certainly feel told off. I'd prefer to be told off by someone who knows what they're taking about but I'll take my punishment anywhere I can find it.

Neither Frankly Canadian nor I are cons. You could have found out about Frankly Canadian for yourself by clicking on his/her name and then looking at the blog he/she operates. You got all caught up in your righteous indignation instead. Much more satisfying, isn't it?

Me, well I'm not really sure I give a shit what you think of me.

I would suggest you improve your reading comprehension though.

marie said...

Same to you Carmicahael, I don't give a crap about you as well. I visited your blog and it appears no one is visitng you there.So.... apparently I am not the only one who feels the same. As for being told off, I am quite sure that I am not the only one doing so.

But... I would suggest you take the same advive you are giving.


Carmichael said...

Work on those reading skills,lady.