Thursday, June 07, 2012

Now Or Never For Trudeau

Have you read all the potential names being floated to lead the Liberal Party?  Depressing isn't it?  With the exception of some grassroots manifestation yet to appear on the political radar, the list is pretty bland and predictable.  To my mind people that will never catch fire, never reset the new political paradigm, leadership that puts us on the sidelines, if not life support.  There is one exception, and that is of course Justin Trudeau.  Talk of "arm twisting", mention of not being ready, maybe one day, whatever, the bottom line, should Trudeau have any aspirations it's now or never because if this process isn't fruitful, I assure all this will be the LAST Liberal leader.

I'm not one to gush over Trudeau, fact is Liberals routinely embarrass themselves fawning all over the man, most of the "love" is nauseating in its superficiality.  Sorry, that's the truth.  However, let's keep it real, politics are superficial, so "rock star" isn't necessarily a negative for a party desperate to get off the road to oblivion.  The fact the NDP just rode into Official Opposition status with a bunch of MP's the electorate couldn't pick out in a police lineup, a testament to the fact politics are as deep as a bird bath.  If Trudeau can turn some otherwise disinterested heads, all the more power to him, perhaps the thick mane alone can win 20-30 new seats?

Where I can jump on the Trudeau bandwagon, is that he has the capacity to truly shake up a pretty static entity, as well as the larger malaise that plagues Canadian politics.   I also believe Trudeau is truly a progressive, a left, center left manifestation, which is where I prefer we stand. The fact Trudeau is considered "green", prone to speak off the cuff, not shy about controversy, plus, plus, plus in my mind, this country could use some spontaneity and feather ruffling.  As well, Trudeau seems to speak the language which resonates with younger voters, for a tired party that is nowhere with this demographic, that energy he brings is attractive.  Bold and somewhat brash, bring it on all day long, for the love of man inject some life into this comatose country.

Trudeau doesn't think this is his time, but really these are the potential Liberal end times, so future considerations fail to recognize the immediate imperative.  In reality, it is now or never, this realization Trudeau must digest.  If Trudeau loves the Liberal brand, if he believes in what it stands for and wants to put a stamp on it moving forward, this is it, the moment, right here, right now.

Jump in now Justin, while this rusty tug still floats, tomorrow may never come...


Omar said...

A Justin Trudeau led Liberal party brings me back into the fold. Such a decision would likely see me experience disappointment, followed by regret, but I'd come back. Back and donating, I might add. There are many reasons why I would feel so inclined, but one of the main reasons is my discomfort with Thomas Mulcair at the helm of the NDP.

CK said...

I can see the Harper attack ads being written--cheesy, macabre with the ghosts of Justin's father. Then, how would Justin respond? It would obviously be emotional for him. Emotion won't cut it. He has to be as cut throat, if not, more so than Harper. Does he have the stuff?

Jerry Prager said...

Justin may believe he owes more to his family than to the party his father visited, and I would not fault him for that, nor predict against some twenty years from now day in which liberalism will be willing to commit itself through him to the cause of greatest equal liberty, but I for one, have despaired of liberalism's ability to be anything but neo-liberal, ie progressive corporatist, give me greens and NDP and a curse on both old houses, but for some stupid 1967 twelve year old me belief in Canadian Liberalism instilled "on the hundredth anniversary of con-fed-eration everybody sing together." Give me Canadian Liberalism true north strong and free or give me death... I don't know, or let Harper destroy both Libs and Cons... north south east west...I'd go down fighting with Bob Rae or Trudeau, and frack the Harrisite Lack of Common Sense Harpercon Reactionaries to hell come high water or low...if I have to I'll forget how deeply inspired by Canadian liberalism I have been and I will abide as a Green or NDP depending on where I am.