Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Utterly Stunning

Using the backdrop- the maelstorm of controversy, the Auditor General report that highlighted outright deception- it is utterly stunning that this government can STILL operate within a frame of obstruction and secrecy on this file, STUNNING:
Opposition MPs were frustrated at the government’s attempt to end the hearings after only seven hours of witness testimony, which resulted in a stalemate as National Defence deputy minister Robert Fonberg contradicted the auditor general over facts in his report. They were angrier still after Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose (Sherwood Park, Alta.) confirmed an independent review of F-35 cost differences between National Defence and Mr. Ferguson’s report will be denied access to key cost estimates from the U.S.

Although outside experts to be hired by the Treasury Board secretariat will have access to the latest National Defence cost estimates, they will not be able to see the data on which the estimates are based—cost assumptions and forecasts that were provided to National Defence in May by the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Office in Washington, Va
Shutting down the hearings prematurely, denying Parliament cost estimates, after all the concerns expressed, that the government can still obstruct in this fashion may be the most obscene thing we've seen during their tenure.  Simply unreal, our system is beyond broken and our government more represents a military junta than any manifestation of a modern democracy.  What more can you say...

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