Thursday, January 19, 2006

The National

I just finished watching the election coverage on CBC's The National. The newscast was decidely pro-Liberal, moreso than any coverage I can remember in this campaign.

The first piece on the Conservatives served up lots of cannon fodder for the Liberal cause. The central theme was the media's denied access to certain controversial Conservative candidates. It was implied that the Conservatives are trying to hide the radical elements that doomed them last time (duh). You could sense the frustration in Terry Milewski's voice as he spoke of the denied access.

The next story was on the Liberals and it offered great soundbites, with little commentary to detract from the statements. First we have Martin referring to this Conservative incarnation as the most socially radical in our history. Next up an attack on Layton, with Martin telling him if he doesn't want to stop the Conservatives then get out of the way. The whole mood of this piece was positive for the Liberals. Martin actually looked passionate, strong and focused.

Watching CBC's coverage tonight, I found the tone striking. It looks like the questions about the Conservatives have finally sharpened, while the nightly Liberal bashfest was marginally supplanted with some positive soundbites. I may be reading too much into this one edition, but I can't recall another night where the theme was so direct. Martin received the fluff piece, while Harper received the critical eye, both conditions in short supply so far this campaign.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Did you watch the "Your Turn"? Absolute softball questions. Contrast that with how aggresive Mansbridge was towards Layton and Harper. Even Harris for that matter.

Steve V said...


Like most Canadians, I didn't watch that part ;)