Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pension Goldmine For Turfed MP's

This is rich(no pun intended):

Taxpayers needn't shed a tear for members of Parliament who were defeated in Monday's federal election or left politics before the vote: they stand to collect $74.6-million in pensions and severance.

Four of the 67 retiring MPs — all of them Liberals — could each collect more than $3-million before they turn 75, estimates calculated by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation suggest.

“Defeated and retiring members will win financially thanks to a gold-plated pension plan and rich severance payments for parliamentarians,” said federation director John Williamson.

“Shed no tears for retiring or defeated MPs. They are being well looked after by Canadian taxpayers.”

Served as an MP in parliament would look pretty good on a resume wouldn't you think? I can see some measure of compensation, but does Anne McLellan really need 100 000 a year from the Canadian taxpayers? Is she not employable? No contacts or friends with employment? What a farce, akin to Gomery when you really break it down. Who gave these guys such a sweetheart, unethical deal anyways? Oh wait... Surely Harper will fix this travesty ;)


Hishighness said...

The CTF is a Right Wing Whiners group. Deal with all the BS MPs have to deal with and then tell me they don't deserve a pension.

Steve V said...

I didn't say the MP's don't deserve a pension at all. But, this present arrangement looks more like "cash for life", than a reasonable compensation. Its a sweetheart deal, no matter how you justify it.