Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What if?

As we draw near to the vote, there are a lot of questions as to what a Conservative majority would mean for the country. No one can predict the future, but a brief look at the recent past gives some indication, and none of it flattering. Lets pretend Harper came to power five years ago. What would the country look like? Some rampant speculation:

1) parliamentary committees would still be grappling with our misguided involvement in the Iraq war. The images of dead Canadian soldiers would haunt the national collective. Law enforcement agencies would work under the cloud of mass paranoia. The continued cost of protracted war would put a strain on our monetary policies.

2) Canada would be criticized by the world community for failing to show international leadership with regard to the Kyoto Accord. The government would propose "different" methods to curb emissions, but our attitude would be similar to the Americans.

3) First Ministers meeting would have given the provinces increased powers over previous federal jurisdiction. An elected Senate would slow effective policies as another layer of government, with differing agendas begins to share concrete power. Aboriginal leaders would see a society that further marginalizes their predicament.

4) With the tax cuts, new corporate loopholes and the increased expenditures for the Conservative promises, the country records a deficit which threatens the confidence in the financial community. Interest rates float toward dangerous terrority and the economic future is uncertain.

5) The gap between rich and poor widens as the social safety net is undermined. The "welfare state" is threatened and big business is rewarded. The rights of the gay community are rejected and the notion of tolerance is weakened.

6) More money is allocated for "superjails", as the entire legal system moves toward the American model of punishment first, reintregation second. The Canadian example, which is admired around the world is undermined.

etc, etc

7) The opposition Liberals currently hold a 23 point lead in the polls leading up to the next election :)

Did I miss anything?


ferrethouse said...

Right. In other words Canada's situation is sooo tenuous that if any other party attempted to govern the country would fall into disarray. The Liberals have nothing to offer but broken promises...

1. Aboriginals are still in as desperate a situation today than they were when Chretien took power.

2. Health care wait times are double what they were when Chretien took over.

3. Canadian real disposible income hasn't growth AT ALL since Chretien took over.

4. Our environmental record is worse than the USA's

I could go on and on and on.

But you will probably delete this comment anyway so why bother.

The Liberals have failed Canadians. That is why they are trailing in the polls.

Steve V said...

Your rebuttal is appreciated. I would caution you not to use the Bush propaganda as evidence that the American environmental record is better than ours. The Bush administration has virtually dismantled the EPA, allowed initiatives such as "healthy forests", weakened water quality standards for drinking purposes, allowed big oil interests, and all corporations for that matter, free reign with regards to environmental standards, proposed drilling in one the last remaining truly wild areas on the planet, etc, etc.

You are naive to mimic the number shell game the American administration used to justify their anti-environmental stances. Anyone who looks closely at this issue agrees that the Bush administration is an environmental nightmare, hardly comparable to our present government. This is not to say that Martin is a champion of the environment, but it is concerning how the Conservatives sing many of the same tunes as the Americans, coupled with the influence of the oil companies within the party.