Friday, January 20, 2006

Nothing To Hide

Last night, CBC brought up the issue of the Conservatives denying reporters access to some of their candidates. This affront to the notion of open and honest debate should serve as a primary example of why Canadians should view the new, kinder and gentler, Conservatives with suspicion.

Up until this point, the Conservatives have manipulated the media coverage and presented the image their strategists have crafted. Finally, the media may be assuming their role as independent check on party generated propaganda. It is a simple question, if Harper is sincere about his positions, then we should be afforded complete transparency. If you have nothing to hide, than why are you hiding your candidates? What is the fear of allowing people to express their opinions, especially when those people wish to serve? In the last days of this campaign, this is the question Stephen Harper must answer.

Harper speaks at length about how you can't trust the Liberals and a Conservative government would restore honor and dignity to the political process. Surely then, it would follow that we expect honesty and openness with respect to Conservative candidates. The hypocrisy of denying access to candidates, while trumpeting the idea of transparency is striking. The media needs to call out the Conservatives, because if they wish to govern Canadians have a right to full, unfettered access. Anything less suggests deception, manipulation and above all else clear evidence of a party not ready to lead. Harper tells us not to fear the Conservatives, I say then act in a manner that suggest we need to worry.


It looks like the Liberal strategists are picking up on this theme of hiding candidates.
Liberal Leader Paul Martin is accusing Conservative Leader Stephen Harper of keeping his socially conservative candidates in hiding.

"It's been a long time since (Stephen Harper) has allowed them to go outside, and they are getting cabin fever," Martin told a crowd of Liberal supporters in St. John's, NL.

He named Conservative hopefuls such as Cheryl Gallant, Rob Anders, Rob Merrifield and Harold Albrecht as candidates who have a hidden social agenda.

Martin said Albrecht -- known for his staunch anti-gay marriage views -- was hustled away from reporters at a recent Conservative campaign event in Kitchener, Ont.,. and put into a banquet hall kitchen.

The "cabin fever" crack is a great soundbite and should make the rounds.

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emmo said...

they won't call the conservatives on it because the Canadian Media are whores to whatever story will get them viewers at the time. You see we already know the conservatives are wingnuts, its bigger news to push the fact that Harpo is gaining in popularity, and the sheep buy in.

As a famous author once said, "all news is fake"... we know these guys are fanatical fundamentalist social conservatives - their platform is full of holes, and they are suspiciously silent, but 'joe average' is either too dumb or too lazy to actually find out what these guys are up to. its much easier to parrot some lame conservative party talking point borrowed from south of the border.