Friday, January 27, 2006

What About Ken?

When we hear the list of Liberal leadership hopefuls, Ken Dryden is often mentioned as an afterthought. I find the notion of Dryden entering the race intriguing. Dryden became a prominent player in the last parliament, working effectively in his portfolio. During this election, Dryden's stature rose further with his impassioned pleas in defense of the Liberal Party. Dryden has articulated a vision that speaks to the possibilities of our society.

The main criticism of Dryden is his obvious inability to offer a concise sound bite. Dryden's careful, laborious tone is something that detractors always point too. In other words, the guy bores me to death. I would suggest that his style speaks to a recognition of the complexities within the issues of the day. This approach doesn't translate into a riveting orator, but there is no denying the man's intelligence and internal deliberation.

Dryden is a relative fresh face within the upper echelon of the Liberal Party. This allows Dryden the opportunity to rise above the internal party tensions and offer a new direction. For obvious reasons, a Dryden bid has potential in both English and French Canada. Dryden may be well placed to speak to the issues of national unity- he has concrete experience in both divides.

A star candidate, that has proven to be a star through his efforts and ability to speak with vision in mind. If you can get passed the delivery, the words are actually inspiring, stated within the context of vision. I am not saying Dryden is my pick to replace Martin, but nor am I rejecting his bid out of hand. Dryden may well prove to be a player in this leadership race.

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