Saturday, January 28, 2006

Props and Flops

Once a week, I would like offer something called “Props and Flops”. Hardly original, it’s my take on who made news, for better or worse:

• Props to Stephen Harper for running a smooth, competent campaign that put the Conservatives back in power.

• Props to Conservative strategists who successfully muted the extremist elements within the party and projected some pretty impressive propaganda.

• Flops to the entire Liberal team, who ran an uninspiring, tired campaign with little vision, cementing the public sentiment that it was time for change.

• Props to the Canadian people for increased voter turnout.

• Flops to Jack Layton for being in the unique position of gaining more seats and simultaneously losing influence. Was it worth it Jack?

• Flops to Mike Duffy for pulling out his blackberry during election coverage to make wild claims about Martin not conceding. Mike needs a refresher in good journalism, based on substantiated facts.

• Flops to Allan Gregg, who on CTV rationalized his poll numbers by saying that first time voters tend to not show up at the polls and this skews samples. This is why we have a category called the “likely voter” Allan, see SES.

• Props to Stephen Harper, who, with parliament as the backdrop, rebuked the American ambassador’s statements on the Arctic. Nothing rises above partisan preferences and unites us all like some good ole American bashing.

• Flops to Ralph Klein for giving a speech where he first chastised the federal government for perceived incursions into provincial jurisdictions and then offered his thoughts on how Canada should approach Can/US relations. Anyone else see the hypocrisy?

• Flops to big oil companies announcing record profits, while still claiming they aren’t gouging the public.

• Flops to U.S Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for not supporting a filibuster on Samuel Alito, an extremist judge by any measure.

• Props to the Palestinian people for their democratic expression, despite the backlash from the results.

• Flops to the U.S military for another public relations disaster by jailing the wives of suspected insurgents as a leverage tool. Hearts and minds?

Feel free to add your own, or dispute mine.

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