Monday, February 04, 2008

All Tied Up

New poll from La Press(Uni-Marketing), that shows a federal deadheat, Quebec numbers that mirror last week's Crop numbers:

Conservative (PC): 33%/26%

Liberal Party (PLC): 33%/21%

New Democratic Party (NPD): 18%/12%

Bloc: 8%/35%

Others: 8%/6%

For context, the Crop poll of Quebec had it Bloc 36%, Cons 27%, Liberals 20%, NDP 13%. Two very reliable Quebec polls, these numbers are probably accurate.

Dion is apparently engaging in a charm offensive within Quebec. A great idea, although you have to question the wisdom of appearing on a talk show during the Super Bowl. Some of Dion's handlers need a refresher course in maximizing exposure, getting bang for your appearance buck.

The national numbers tend to mirror what others have started to show(Ipsos aside). This poll puts Liberal support at 43% in Ontario, no Conservative numbers, but a healthy figure indeed.

The last poll for this outfit had a solid lead for the Conservatives(Oct):
Cons 36%
Liberals 25%
NDP 19%
Bloc 10%

Good trend for the Liberals, Conservatives not so much.


Scott Tribe said...

It's possible of course that no other talk-show timeslot was open at the present time other then this one. IT shouldn't stop them of course from planning for maximum exposure in future events.

Steve V said...


It's good to see an effort. After the by-elections, Dion did a couple interviews, then nothing, which had me concerned.

Jeff Davidson said...

it's time to stop hiding dion from canadians. when folks have a chance to see the man, the reviews are good, more often than not.

contrast that with harper, the more canadians see of the guy, the less they like the picture.

Leonard said...

Firstly - 'Tout le monde en parle' isn't JUST a talk show - it's a bloody 'national' institution here - but you're right the timing was bad (probably less so here than it would have been in English Canada).

Dion (while being incredibly stiff) was more successful than we expected - and his stiffness wasn't helped by the fact that both Guy A, and Dany were pretty tough with him. He still has a strongly pedantic bent and is not exactly personable but for a change was able to talk about his past as a militant for the PQ with humour and didn't even mention the bloody Clarity act once.
While I don't hold my breath, it was an improvement.
Gotta wonder about his english now?

Steve V said...


Thanks for the first-hand review, especially from someone who isn't "endeared".

Get back to blogging would ya ;)

Anonymous said...

Dion was OK during his appearance on TLMEP. Yes the timing sucked but many people seemed to be flipping channels.
Still stiff yes but the show gave him an opportunity to show a different side of his personality.
Pas mal M Dion.

Steve V said...

The good news for Dion, his federalist competition isn't exactly intoxicating.