Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clinton Ups The Ante

Probably the most scathing attack of the campaign:

visibly angry Sen. Hillary Clinton lashed out Saturday at Sen. Barack Obama over campaign literature that she said he knows is "blatantly false."

Sen. Hillary Clinton waves campaign literature she says is false. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is behind her.

Clinton jabbed the air with her hands as she told a crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio, that two Obama mailings spread lies about her positions on universal health care and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"Shame on you, Barack Obama," she said.

Here's the clip:



Scott Tribe said...

When in danger of falling completely behind, go negative. That's all this is.

Steve V said...

This one might have some legs, apparently the one flyer has a quote from some student newspaper in Iowa, that has since been retracted, or qualified.

The attack accomplishes what it needs to, lots of press and some close examination. I agree, this is a last ditch attempt, but it sure spices things up.

Tomm said...

Steve & Scott,

Have you seen the Youtube video on "bamboozling"?

Do you think that has any legs?


Steve V said...


I saw two passages that Clinton used at the same debate she chided Obama, both of which were lifted from others, namely Edwards and her husband. The last thing Obama needs is someone writing his lines, more than anything else the guy is a natural orator.

Scott Tribe said...

Response from Obama to Clinton's charges can be found here and a Youtube interview here.

I like the calm demeanour.. I think thats part of the reason he's gaining in popularity.

mb said...

No Bama, No Bama
Obama= empty promises
Obama= no solutions
Obama= crooked politics
Obama=same of tired politics masked
Obama=deception & lies
Obama= danger to America
Obama=snake oil salesman
Go Hillary and Save us from this fraud

Scott Tribe said...

Someone has nothing better to do I see.

David Olive this AM in the Toronto Star says Clinton should quit now to retain some dignity and her reputation

Steve V said...


I just thought it an interesting development, it wasn't a commentary on personal preference.

Steve V said...


She shouldn't quit, that is just ridiculous- after March 4 well... There is still a small glimmer, should she win both Texas and Ohio (which she well could), then potentially the media narrative changes once again.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania like NH with Hillary's antics before a primary. She no more found her voice in NH than her final comments at the last debate were hers (her husband had used them during his election). While Hillary is competent, she is not a transformational leader -- she doesn't bring people together to enact change for our country and its future generations. The only people she'll bring together if she wins the primary are all the disenfranchised Republicans who will come out to vote against her instead of voting for McCain. Obama is already showing his leadership ability and has won the last 11 primaries not by his oratory but his ideas, experience and ability to bring people together. Hillary will be a great cabinet member -- but never a great president. Someday the US will have a president who's also a woman --but not Hillary. Her "experience" is her husband's experience -- and remember Democrats, we lost the governors, the senate and the congress when the Clintons were in office.
Kerry from New Hampshire

Anonymous said...

I can't see how any patriotic American could consider voting for Obama. search Obama and the flag.

Natallya said...

Attention All Clinton Haters:

Just wait until your Disneyland Candidate Barack Hussein Obama gets in the arena of the general election, his naive calls for bringing the country together will be mocked and attacked. Barack Hussein Obama can't even bring his own party together, and he's going to bring Independents and Republicans together. He can't even bring Ralph Nader on his side, being the left-wing Senator that he is. You Obamaphiliacs have alienated many Clinton supporters, and you can bet on it that he will not get our votes. I hope your phony candidate loses big in November!

Anonymous said...

Another gross misstep in possibly the worst managed, most incredible egotistical failed campaign of all time. For a very smart woman, Hillary has made so many huge and fatal mistakes in her campaign - it is a miracle that she is still around. What an amazing implosion this has been to watch. Obama is wise to continue to disregard her. Remarkable that so many Americans wanted this loony,cranky biotch to be President. Obama - time to focus on McCain.

Troy said...

Let me tell you how I see things from a White Male Liberal Democrat Ph. D 40-Something with an income over $80,000/Yr perspective. White liberal elite folks who are comfortable in life tend toward spiritual and self-actualization endeavours. You really feel good about yourself if you have become such a big and open-minded person that you can actually vote for a black candidate for president. This is more about absolving past guilt by pushing an inexperienced black candidate forward because his election would symbolize progress and social growth in our nation. This is a perfect storm for Obama and that is why his lack of qualificatons are being ignored. This is an affirmative action decision to force a black president on America. We would have healed racial wounds if only this guy gets elected, and that is a very sad way to win.

Anonymous said...

I know pimps on the street make promises and make young girls feel special and important and then all of a sudden they're turning tricks instead of attending high school. Obama reminds me of a smooth talking street hustler trying to lure us in with whatever he thinks we want to hear. I would rather finish high school, get a job, and do it myself. I won't go down that street.

Anonymous said...

He is the biggest hypocrite of the century.

FINALLY, YOUNG MALES not afraid to say they support Hillary.


Anonymous said...

"Desperate, but not serious"? Whoever wrote that song line must have been thinking of Hilliary Clinton. Comparing Obama's tactics to Karl Rove? Give me a break. And then there's Teddy Bear Strickland, the pro-death penalty, gun-nut, preacher man drooling over his potential VP role in the background. On the other hand, Hilliary would get him out of Ohio--her only plus.

Michael said...

"Let me tell you how I see things from a White Male Liberal Democrat Ph. D 40-Something with an income over $80,000/Yr perspective. White liberal elite folks who are comfortable in life tend toward spiritual and self-actualization endeavours. You really feel good about yourself if you have become such a big and open-minded person that you can actually vote for a black candidate for president. This is more about absolving past guilt by pushing an inexperienced black candidate forward because his election would symbolize progress and social growth in our nation. Troy said." Troy, for someone with a PhD, you are truly dumb. How can you equate Obama's surge in wins to white mens' guilt over past racial injustices? It sounds more to me like that's how YOU feel and are trying to put that fallacy onto the rest of the white male race. The damage done by an elite white man in the "WHITE house" where New Orleans is concerned has already told the World that guilt is still not something the rich, white elite do not understand in their vocabulary so to suggest that Obama is winning not because of his experience but on the sympathy and the need to make up for the atrocities of the past against Blacks is incredibly ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal Democrat all my 50 something years, but if Obama gets the nomination, McCain gets my vote, and I am from Illinois.

Scott Tribe said...

A lot of bitter Hillary supporters here I see. Fact is: all polls show McCain losing to Obama in key states, while he beats Clinton.

Another fact has been that Obama is bringing out incredible numbers of young voters to the primaries. I mean.. a couple thousand students from a university march down a highway 7 miles to the polling station so they can vote for the guy?

He also is getting those independents and moderate Repubs to vote for him, something Clinton would not. Clinton and her campaign are trying to only focus on key states to win the nomination and then the Presidency. Obama is following the Howard Dean "50 state strategy", and I believe we've seen that this works a lot better.

I've heard the charge that "latte liberals" are voting for Obama. Well, I'll make the counter-charge that "limousine liberals" are voting for Hillary.

Scott Tribe said...

One footnote Steve, to the David Olive article:

Even if Hillary wins Ohio and Texas, there appears to be a strong closing of the polls between her and Obama - particularly in Texas. She would have to win almost 65% of the delegates to appreciably close the gap, and that just isn't going to happen, if current polling trends stay the same.

She might even "win" Texas percentage wise, but have less delegates because of the way certain ridings apportion their caucus - something the Clinton campaign only just found about apparently, while Obama's team knew this months ago.

I say if she doesnt pull off overwhelming wins in both states, she should call it a campaign and get the Dems focused on going after "straight-talk" McCain.

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama is conning people through techniques of hypnosis, and for that, shame on you, Barack Obama!:

"The hypnotist takes into confidence his subject through his confident posture, compassionate behavior and positive dialogue. The psychological supremacy over the subject is achieved by the hypnotist indirectly through his conscious speech and gestures. This communication will help the hypnotist to gain the confidence of the listener that will ultimately develop an unconscious neurological coordination between the hypnotist and the subject known as covert conditioning or covert anchoring. This state of mind of the subject will help the hypnotist to dominate the thoughts and behaviors of the subject.
The person practicing these techniques will be able to influence the thoughts of other persons make them agree to his point of view. By using this method of hypnotism it is easy to make a person obey the commands of the person practicing this technique of hypnotism. Whether hypnotizing a person without his consent is ethical or not is a question that is yet to be answered. The preachers of covert hypnosis claim that learning these techniques will help a person to bring miraculous changes to the life of the person practicing it."

Look at pictures of Obama with his hand raised, his arm outstretched and finger pointing, etc, and then look at another Moslem mesmerist, Osama... Very similar...

Anonymous said...


Steve V said...


I agree, the math is bad for Clinton, even if she wins. That said, winning two big states puts a damper on Obama's momentum. There is still is the question of Florida and Michigan, with people starting to accept that fact that there needs to be an accomodation. I've heard talk of introducing new caucuses in those states, for logistical reasons, that would keep things in play for awhile. I just think its hard for Clinton to pack it in, should she win Texas and Ohio, it may bring another media phase, with some critical vetting of Obama. We'll see...

Alfie Montanez said...

Hillary is the stronger candidate. I agree with the cult of personality style of this OBAMANATION. He is not my choice for anything. At first I thought that it would be cool, but I respect the seriousness of Hillary Clinton. She is friends, GEUINE friends of the Mexican people and many other Latinos feel the same. Obama supporters are given to vitriol and arguing and downright silliness. IT IS EASY TO PULL THE WOOL OVER IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO, TRUTH BE TOLD, ARE ABOUT AS INTELLIGENT AS KELLIE PICKLER! Sorry, but I appreciate a woman who can stand up to any man with straight up facts. I don't want passion and eloquence when what we need is STRENGTH and EXPERIENCE. I am 22 years old and not for Obama. Obama is just a straight perpretator, a fraud. Just because Oprah treated him like a Book of the Month club shows that she would choose RACE over REAL ISSUES. We are seeing that she likes to have white woman line her pockets since 1986, yet she jokes all over the place how white people are eating out of her hand. I am not into Oprah. Isn't she one of those secret Scientologists?? Oprah's trying to pull the wool over our eyes and lead us into a PUPPET PRESIDENCY, cause that is what is going to happen. They will ALL write his speeches. CHANGE CANNOT BE XEROXED!! lol That was the highlight of the night for me. Hillary has proven to be the one to knock down the Republicans. Obama is fluff. Latinos see through this. And, all the Black people who are jumping on Latino backs just so that we do like them is SELFISH. They portray the Latino youth as being for Obama overwhelmingly. FALSE. This is just more of their propaganda to hate on Hillary. We pick the best choice and we don't hate on people just because they are Black or whatever. Obama is not a strong candidate. He just has the backing of Hollywood, a place FULL of cult members and nuts. This is WHY the media is biased the way it is. But, Latinos have seen FOR THEMSELVES that Hillary is for us. She has a solid background and hers IS the change we can believe in. Enough with Obama and his MIERDA TALK. Mexicans 4 Hillary.

Steve V said...

As an aside, vanity man is back.

Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't anyone watch the debate the other night? After HC talked about her health plan and it was Obama's turn he talked about his health care plan and then said some things re Hillary's plan re the mandates, fines, etc. and also mentioned her support for NAFTA while she was sitting beside him and she didn't say a thing to correct him IF it needed to be corrected. And she was so nicey nice after the debate that it was almost sickening. It was only after the debate and the polls said they were in a virtual tie in Texas that she started her tirade against him. THe Clintons will do anything to get elected. I know many women will vote for her just because she is a woman and it won't matter to them that she will never be able to unite this country and raise our standing in the world because she is so polarizing and disliked. I am a Democrat, white, female senior citizen and will never vote for Hillary! If Obama isn't the nominee I will skip voting for President and only vote for state and locals.

Anonymous said...

I am an Obama supporter, who is not voting for him because of some inner guilt. I am not voting for him because he makes great speeches. I am not voting for him because I hate Hillary. Iam not voting for him because he is a movement. I am voting for him because when it was not in his best self interest he spoke out against invading Iraq. I expected the same from Hillary, instead she choose her career over our nations best interest.

I want a leader who will tell me the truth. He has demonstrated to me, he is that leader.

tristastampa said...

Hillary, you are too emotional to be "COMMANDER IN CHIEF"!! This is not a homecoming queen contest, ok. You want to wear the pants, therefore hide your emotions.How many times have you harshly criticized President Bush, for example? Have you ever heard him attacking you back publicly this way? Our present "Commander In Chief" is such a gentleman, and very diplomatic and will never act so emotional as you have no matter the trash he gets from you every single day!! Not forgetting, you will never, ever have a faithful husband as Bush, so have some respect for him for once!
The tone of your voice was very harsh to Obama, it sounded like you were making indirect threats at him, even ready to throw punches at him if he were to be infront of you. Wow, I can just picture Bill infront of you when you're mad at him, it won't be a funny scene!!

Darryl R. said...

It is amazing to me that people would allow another republican into office if Hillary doesnt win !!! Obama isnt someone who just came off the street to run for office, he indeed has more legislative accomplishments in his time in the Senate than Hillary- just look at their records & what they voted for. I agree that he should be scrutinized more on his views like all candidates should but some of the comments posted are nothing more than veiled attempts to spout hidden prejudices against both candidates. I support Obama not because of his rhetoric, but because he has shown that he can get americans of all walks of life to participate in the single most available right to us all, to vote our conscience.

Anonymous said...

hey troy! i guess phd's aren't what they used to be......
you are an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Hillarys' desperation is showing. Barack Obama has successfully removed her options for winning this election.

Tactically he has forced her into a box. She now has to resort to going negative. She will now move away from her message into attack mode. Something the American public is tired of.

Tell me this man is not ready to manage this country. He can turn a candidate with "35 years of experience" into an angry caricature sp desperate for a win, she'll cast aside her integrity to achieve it-at all costs.

Obama '08.

Anonymous said...

Running a country and dealing with international events and managing relationships requires more that patriotism.

Look at the idiot George Bush. Supposedly very patriotic, but reckless in his march to kill our young people for a lie. Saddam never had WMD's; was never in alliance with Al-Queda; never had plans to invade America.

I'll take a competant person anyday, over one who believes that simply waving a flag is synonymous with compassion and intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton has realized that the American people don't want her as their President. I'm sure it hurts.

She will not give up until Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania let her know she should give up. Even then She will deny the voters choice and try to buy her way into The White House with the Superdelegates.

I used to support Hillary. She lost me after her "they're attacking the girl" remark. She solidified it when she suddenly "found my voice" in New Hampshire". This woman is a total liar.

If she truly has now found her inner voice, which most find in their 20's and some even find in their teens, then she should not be in government, period.

I don't trust this woman in any way. She will say and do anything for this job. This means anyone can have her ear and sway her to their viewpoint. She will be easily bought by lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous at 11:42

Please stop using this tired Republican argument that he's a Muslim terrorist.

He was married in a Christian church to a Christian woman. His two children were baptized as Christians. A Muslim would no sooner do this than an orthodox Jew.

Al-Queda hates Christianity so much so that it's followers will never falsely profess Christ to further their agenda. That they'll never do.

Barack Obama was born in America, he is an American, he is a Christian.

If you don't like him for his political policies then say so.
Don't resort to religious bigotry to justify your feelings.

Anonymous said...

As I pointed out of Red Tory's blog, who totally investigate all policies, statements, etc. of the candidates, have confirmed that Obama is actually misleading people about Hillary's health plan.

Cokie Roberts pointed out this morning that in actual fact, Obama has not reached across the ailse and that Hillary is the one who has.

Isn't it time for people to pay attention instead of this hero worship stuff?

Face it, Obama can't deliver all he's promising.


Anonymous said...

Some of you bloggers may have some legitimate arguments, but you need to learn to separate your sentences.

There should never, ever be a twenty-sentence-long paragraph.

I would love to read some of these posts but my eyes start to cross after the first sentences.

Scott Tribe said...

Sure are lots of anonymous posters. Why is everyone afraid of revealing who you are? If you're Canadian, it's not like you can vote for either one, and if you're an American visiting Steve's site, it's no like anyone down in the US will notice (no offence Steve ;) )

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous @ 10:30

Did Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell sound like smooth- talking pimps when they lured our soldiers and the American people into a war built on lies?.

Was Bill Clinton a smooth-talking pimp when, with our Democratic majority Congress he got NAFTA passed and caused the job loss and contaminated products we now deal with.

Was JFK a smooth-talking pimp when he dealt with the Cuban Missile Crisis?.

Was Franklin Roosevelt a smooth-talking pimp when he motivated the American people to band together and fight Hitler and to survive the Depression?.

Why hasn't anyone used the word pimp when previously referring to white Presidential Candidates?.

Be honest, you'll never vote for a black man or woman to be your President. That's your choice. Be honest with yourself and us and state cleary that you are a racist. Don't hide behind race-baiting words.

Reality Check said...

Clinton's outrage about the literature Obama's campaign circulated regarding her position on Nafta and the distinctions between her and Obama's national health care plans is all THEATRICS!!! She sat on that stage on thursday fully knowing that she was going to pull this act over the weekend for free, repeated publicity (her campaign is in financial trouble). ACT ONE - make nice, pretend to be vulnerable on stage with Obama; then ACT TWO - pull the 'this is unfair to me, poor me... Democrats should be outraged and come to my defense, cry, cry, cry' crap.

Give me a Break!!! The electorate is not stupid Hillary, that's one of the oldest tricks in the book. Desperate times call for desperate means, I suppose.

Steve V said...

I think in the debate, the strategy was to play nice, which was largely accomplished. I'm willing to bet, the Ohio debate coming up with be a different affair.

Sandi is correct, Obama does mislead with those flyers, that has been independently confirmed. I suppose you could argue that the Clinton campaign has been guilty of the same against Obama, especially Bill's nonsense.

Steve V said...


I remember when I first started visiting blogs, I kept thinking- man, that anonymous guy posts a lot ;) It took me a few weeks to clue in, NOT ONE PERSON. Duh.

Robert said...

Clinton's ability to be proud to sit next to someone one day and bash them into the ground the next illustrates her acting abilities quite well. It demonstrates her emotions getting the best of her during time of crisis (her losing this race) and taking action based off of those emotions demonstrating her lack of judgment. Its should be clear to her now that Americans are sick of these types of political attacks. RvG

heart of maui said...

Would love to see CNN do some major research into Hillary's connection with Monsanto and other corpoarations. I've been an Obama supporter from the first time I was impressed with his integrity. It is not my way to tell someone how to vote, but do find the following information important enough to pass along so that you can be more fully informed when you make a choice.

Years ago I made the personal choice to live a healthy lifestyle and choose to pay from my own pocket for alternative practitioners who teach me what I need to know to make better and healthier choices. This in the long run is less expensive. Having been a hospice and home health aide I have personally seen the devastation healthwise and financially that results from relying on drugs for treatment rather than change in diet and lifestyle.

When I was recently offered free health insurance through my employer, I made the difficult decision to turn it down because I do not feel that supporting the corrupt insurance and pharmaceutical industries is a part of the solution.

The final straw for me with Hillary was a few weeks ago was when she announced that she thought the govenment should garnish the wages of those not able or willing to pay for health care insurance. Over my dead body!

Mahalos to the woman who did the research found below and blew the lid off of Hillary's game. Thank God/Goddess that someone as articulate and couragous as Obama has come along to offer us a choice. Please pass this along to anyone you may feel needs or wants to be informed before making a choice.

As far as being a feminist is concerned, Hillary lost me when she forgot to leave Bill after his petty shinnanigans and intentional obfuscations. Obama is the living reality of supporting feminism by choosing Michelle, an intelligent and wonderful woman as a life partner.

If you haven't registered to vote please google Rock the Vote. They have a very, very easy to use registration system for anywhere in the US. You can register, change address, party or find out precinct information in less that 15 minutes and drop it into you own mail box. As we say in pidgin here 'nuf sed'.

Blessings! Skye

Loraie Godwin wrote:
Please read and forward. This information is valuable to each of us that love our families and our planet. In addition we need to realize that our government today is supporting all of this. We can ask for help and guidance from the Divine to move out of this horror that we all experience every time we shop for groceries.

From: Unmani Cynthia Groves
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 10:44 AM
To: kamala everett
Subject: What's going on here with what we are supporting

From: Joy Gardner
Date: February 20, 2008 9:27:11 AM HST
To: Mail Friends HI Maui &
Subject: Obama

My Dear Friends

I looks like Hawaii could be pivotal in this presidential race, so in case
you're undecided about who to vote for, I'd like to share my thoughts about
it with you. And in case you are thinking that your vote isn't really
important, I'd like you to know that IT IS!!!

Up until recently, I was undecided between Hillary and Obama. They seemed
pretty similar to me, and I thought I'd be happy with either one.

Then I heard that Dennis Kucinich (the one I really wanted!) was supporting
Obama, and I wondered why. So I looked more closely, and I realized that
Hillary was getting all her funding from the usual sources, whereas Obama
was getting support from the grassroots, and that meant that he could and he
would tax the super-wealthy, which is the only way that we can ever recover
from the $30,000 per man, woman and child debt that Bush has created for us.

Then I got another piece of information, which I will share below.



Sunday, 03 February 2008
[This letter was written by a woman who has clearly done her homework, and
confirms that no sane human being in good conscience can cast a vote for
Hillary Clinton--CB]
Dear Hillary,

By polling logic, I should be your supporter - Democrat, older woman,
white, liberal. I was even in a dorm with you in college. I have
pulled for you for years. But something this past summer
fundamentally changed my responsibility to my children and
grandchildren. In the time I have left in my life to protect them and
others, I need to speak out.

I saw a News Hour piece on Maharastra, India, about farmers
committing suicide. Monsanto, a US agricultural giant, hired
Bollywood actors for ads telling illiterate farmers they could get
rich (by their standards) from big yields with Monsanto's Bt
(genetically engineered) cotton seeds. The expensive seeds needed
expensive fertilizer and pesticides (Monsanto, again) and irrigation.
There is no irrigation there. Crops failed. Farmers had larger debt
than they'd ever experienced

And farmers couldn't collect seeds from their own fields to try again
(true since time immemorial). Monsanto "patents" their DNA-altered
seeds as "intellectual property." They have a $10 million budget and
a staff of 75 devoted solely to prosecuting farmers. Since the late
1990s (about when industrial agriculture took hold in India),166,000
Indian farmers have committed suicide and 8 million have left the

Farmers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Indonesia,South America, Central
America and here, have protested Monsanto and genetic engineering for

What does this have to do with you?

You have connections to Monsanto through the Rose Law Firm where you
worked and through Bill who hired Monsanto people for central food-
related roles. Your Orwellian-named "Rural Americans for Hillary" was
planned withTroutman Sanders, Monsanto's lobbyists.

Genetic engineering and industrialized food and animal production all
come together at the Rose Law Firm, which represents the world's
largest GE corporation (Monsanto), GE's most controversial project
(DP&L's - now Monsanto's - terminator genes), the world's largest
meat producer (Tyson), the world's largest retailer and a dominant
food retailer (Walmart).

The inbred-ness of Rose's legal representation of corporations which
own controlling interests in other corporations there and of
corporate boards sharing members who are also shareholders of each
other's corporations there, is so thorough that it is hard to
capture. Jon Jacoby, senior executive of the Stephens Group - one of
the largest institutional shareholders of Tyson Foods, Walmart, DP&L -
is also Chairman of the Board of DP&L and arranged the Wal-Mart
deal. Jackson Stephens' Stephens Group staked Sam Walton and financed
Tyson Foods. Monsanto bought DP&L. All represented at Rose.

You didn't just work there, you made friends. That shows in the flow
of favors then and since. You were invited onto Walmart's board, you
were helped by a Tyson executive to make commodity trades (3 days
before Bill became governor), netting you $100,000, Jackson Stephens
strongly backed Bill for Governor, and then for President (donating

Food and friends, in Clinton terms:

Bill's appointed friend Mike Espy, Secretary of Agriculture, who
immediately significantly weakened federal chicken waste and
contamination standards, opening the door to major expansion of
Tyson's chicken factory farms. Espy resigned, indicted for
accepting bribes, illegal contributions, money laundering, illegal
dispersal of USDA subsidies, .... Tyson Foods was the largest
corporate offender.

But what Bill did for Monsanto "genetic engineering" goes beyond
inadequate concepts of giving corporate friends influence: He
unleashed genetic engineering into the world. And then he helped
close off people's escape from it.

Genetic engineering is many orders of magnitude different
from "normal" (even polluting) business in its potential biologic
ramifications. The warning myth of Pandora'a Box - letting
irretrievable things rush out into nature - has become real. The
harrowing change to the world from nuclear fission and fusion is the
closest parallel.

What did Bill do?

1. Bill's put Monsanto people in at the FDA, as US Agricultural Trade
Representatives, on International Biotechnology Consultive Forums,
and more ... ( or or

2. Bill's FDA gave Monsanto permission to market rBGH (a GE bovine
growth hormone), the first genetically engineered product let loose
on us (or did tomatoes with fish DNA get there first?).

3. Despite reports of bovine illness and death, Bill's FDA did not
recall it or put warnings on it. Even "a very angry, very vocal
nationwide consumer base" had no impact. "

4. Bill's FDA wouldn't even label rBGH as "present" in milk.

5. When dairy farmers tried to label their own milk rBGH-free so the
public could choose, Bill's USDA threatened all dairies that their
products could be confiscated from stores. Michael Taylor, USFDA
Deputy Commissioner, was formerly Monsanto's counsel.

6. How were consumers to protect their family, given Bill's FDA
enforced public blindness, except to buy only organic? But Bill's FDA
tried to close off that last escape, proposing to include
in "organic" standards, "the dirty three" a : genetic engineering of
plants and animals, use of irradiation in food processing and use of
municipal sewage sludge as a fertilizer. (My emphasis.) The FDA
backed down.

Had this gone through, Monsanto could have finally labeled rBGH
milk ... as "organic." And animal waste from factory farms, a
pollution nightmare for Tyson and others, could have been sold as

USDA head Dan Glickman: "This is probably the largest public response
to an rule in modern history." In fact the
response was 20 times greater than anything ever before proposed by
the USDA.

Personally, I resent years of effort to protect my children and now
grandchildren, from that crap.

Politically, Bill sided against small farmers and against the
public's right to know, and with Monsanto.

A snap shot of our food:

Oils: Sheep died in India after feeding on Bt cotton fields.
We feed our children Bt cotton, as
cottonseed oil in peanut butter and cookies.

Grains: 49% of US corn acreage was planted in Bt corn in 2007. A
French study proved Monsanto's GMO corn causes kidney and liver

Soft drinks and candy have highly concentrated Bt corn, in the form
of high fructose Bt corn syrup. The US food system depends most on
two crops, soy (90% GMO, 90% of traits owned by Monsanto) and corn,
the largest crop (60% GMO, nearly 100% Monsanto traits). "
ssentially our entire food supply is genetically modified, to the
benefit of one company." The Grocery Manufacturers of America in 2000
estimated that 70 percent of US food contains GM traits.

Meat: Steroids bulk up atheletes. Monsanto steroids bulk up animals -
more weight, more profit. We feed our children steroids in meats. Is
this why our children are fattening, like Hansel and Gretel?

Poultry: Bill's USDA weakened chicken waste and contamination
standards and attempted to allow sewage sludge as fertilize crops. I
will say more about disease from industrialized poultry farms waste,
at the end of this letter.

Milk: Over 30 scientific publications have shown increased levels of
IGF-1 in milk with rBGH increases risks of breast cancer by up to
seven-fold, also increasing colon and prostate cancers risks. Canada,
29 European nations, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand,
Australia, and South Africa ban U.S. rBGH dairy products. Bill's
USFDA put no restrictions, no warning labels (not allowing labels at
all). (My emphasis.)

American children eat that food and drink that milk, Hillary.
Coincidentally, American children are increasingly fat and sick.

Here, Bill ignored pleas for labeling. Abroad, Bill ignored intense
international objections over the same issue - unlabeled US food
exports - badly straining trading relations. Monsanto's "good ole
boy," he betrayed American families at the deepest levels
conceivable - their family's health and their democratic right to
know. He betrayed our rural life and American family farmers -
backing corporation deceit and control, over honesty and clean

But, HIllary, it is one thing to not label a regular ole food product
to sell it, and quite another to sell a suspected-dangerous food
product (rBGH), but Bill's administration didn't label (or stop) a
well-known, terrifying threat - Mad Cow Disease.

Bill's FDA's August, 1997 regulation permitted "known TSE-positive
material to be used in pet food, pig, chicken and fish feed," only requiring
the label to
read "Do not feed to cattle and other ruminants" in the US.

Monsanto added to the problem. "There is evidence that rbST use
[Monsanto's GE bovine growth hormone] reduces the useful lifespan of
a dairy cow. ... Given that the incubation period for BSE is at least
three to five years and perhaps longer, rbST-treated cows could
harbor "hidden" BSE. That is, they might be infected but still
asymptomatic when sent to slaughter." (My emphasis.)

Bill let TSE into our entire food chain. And who owned the feed and
slaughter and genetic engineering corporations whch benefitted?

Please, tell me, Hillary, what he could possibly have gotten in
friendship or favors, that could ever justify his exposing millions
of people to this?

With genetic engineering itself, Bill did something to the whole
world, which tried to object. Words are inadequate to express how
astoundingly immoral, beyond human bounds and conceit and power, that

"Even for the biggest "winners," it is like winning at poker on the
Titanic." Jerry Mander: Facing the Rising Tide

He had no right.

Do you hear that?

Bill had sex from Monica Lewinsky. That's "dinky immoral." That's
chicken feed immoral - excuse the Tyson pun, excuse the TSE-laced
pun. Bill let genetic engineering lose on NATURE itself.

"Our way of life is likely to be more fundamentally transformed in
the next several decades than in the previous one thousand years...Tens
of thousands of novel transgenic bacteria, viruses, plants and
animals could be released into the Earth's ecosystems...Some of those
releases, however, could wreak havoc with the planet's biospheres."
Jeremy Rifkin, Biotech Century

Bill did this to us, like it was some nothing and he, some big dumb
ass Southern boy, just smiling and getting in good with the Big Boys,
thinking about as much about the consequences of something this
immense and about us human beings out here, as he thought about you,
when he was unfaithful with Monica. Just one big fool getting off on
the power and used to getting away with things.

Terminator genes, developed by DP&L, a Rose Firm client, prevent
seeds from "working" after only one season. Farmers "must" repurchase
(patents and suing not certain enough control, it seems).
Those "killing" genes pose the apocalyptic risk of breaking out into
nature. Natural seeds could fail, too. Nature could fail.


GMO fields are already contaminating normal species
Berkeley Professor of Microbiology, Ignacio Chapela, wrote an open letter,
warning the Mexican government about just this breaking out
phenomenon happening in maize

And it has already happened with weeds - pesticide resistant GMO
seeds break lose and weeds become pesticide-resistant Superweeds.

But Bill's USDA spokesman, Willard Phelps said the USDA wanted the
technology to be `widely licensed and made expeditiously available to
many seed companies.'

"Genetic Engineering is often justified as a human technology, one
that feeds more people with better food. Nothing could be further
from the truth. With very few exceptions, the whole point of genetic
engineering is to increase sales of chemicals and bio-engineered
products to dependent farmers." David Ehrenfield: Professor of
Biology, Rutgers University

Hillary, one third of the world's bee colonies have collapsed. Gone.
Farmers in India are killing themselves. Farmers and bees. Since
organic farmers in India are fine and organic farmers report no
colony collapse, what does these farming catatrophes say
about "industrial agriculture"?

Mad Cow Disease is another direct result of industrial agriculture.
And now ....... transnational poultry factories are implicated as the source
bird flu. ... Small scale poultry farms and wild birds seem not to be
the problem [just as small farmers are not the issue in Mad Cow
Disease], and yet "initiatives are multiplying to ban outdoor
poultry, squeeze out small producers and restock farms with
genetically modified chickens. ... http://www.ens- "Of the few outbreaks that
did occur in , more than 90% broke out in commercial poultry
operations, not free-ranging flocks."

Monsanto (and others) is currently working with the USDA
to force small farmers to tag every animal with a global tracking
device (NAIS - National Animal Identification System). Allegedly
related to food safety, Monsanto and others would be creating a vast
corporate digital library on every move of small farmers's livestock.

But small farmers do not create the contaminated environments, do not
supply the feed, do not grind up diseased animals into feed (how Mad
Cow began) and then sell it. In fact, their farming methods, free
range and small scale, are significantly healthier and safer for
animals and food than the massive concentration of animals by
corporate industrial agriculture.

Monsanto is also aggressively pushing for state laws to limit
farmers' right to choose what to plant and the public's right exclude
GE plants from their communities.

Cattle bloated by steroids, lapse and loss of 10,000 year old normal
seeds, immense pollution from factory farms, deadly-disease-ridden
feed, world-wide bee colony collapse, poisoned soil and depleted
water supplies, Superweeds,
lawsuits against farmers, loss of
family farms, and ... India farmers killing themselves in what may be
the largest mass suicide in recorded human history (on average ...
one farmers' suicide every 30 minutes since 2002 - The Hindu
1.30.08) - that is industrial agriculture.

Monsanto and Tyson are two of the largest industrial agricultural
corporations in the world. Industrial agriculture is represented by
your Rose Law Firm.

Your claim to care about food safety is terrifying double-speak given
what Bill did and who you take donations from. Your idea of a
Department of Food Safety would centralize control of food - in whose
corporate connected hands? You talk tough about labeling food - ah,
but "foreign" food - a sleight of hand tricking a public desperate
for safe US food. You talk about food safety but Bill degraded food
in every imaginable way and prevented minimally sane labeling.

I am a person before I am a woman. Your gender means nothing. It is a
media distraction. Your policies on health and food and women and
children, are meaningless in the face of connections that have
threatened those groups profoundly, connections you have never

Monsanto uses child labor in India, primarily very young girls,
exposing them to a lethal pesticide 13-14 hours a day, for pennies in
pay. But you take donations from their lobbyists. You say you care
about black people but as the poorest people in this country, they
are least able to buy organic and are forced to eat the contaminated
foods Bill let into our food system. The National Black Farmers
Association has a boycott out on all Monsanto products.

Do you eat organic?

So, who are you with, hapless black consumers and black farmers, or
Monsanto? Mothers left to give their children rBGH milk, or Monsanto?
Women exposed to 7 times greater risk of breast cancer, or Monsanto?
Desperate farmers in India and young children forced into child labor
in cottonseed factories there, or Monsanto? Animals suffering from
lives in filthy cages and disgusting feedlots, shot up with steroids
and hormones and antibiotics, or Monsanto? Our children who eat candy
with high fructose Bt corn syrup associated with kidney and liver
toxicity, or Monsanto?

Edwards was right about your corporate connections. I just didn't
understand until I saw that PBS show and read about Monsanto, how
personally affected my children and grandchildren, and all people
around the world, have been.

I will not vote for you. I will vote for someone who will commit
themselves to work on behalf of small farmers and real food and
decent treatment of animals and to end this industrialized
agricultural nightmare that is taking us off a cliff.

Linn Cohen-Cole

Disclaimer. I am not a scientist. I have read for months on this
subject, and am including only a tiny portion of the horrifying
things I have learned. I am expressing my opinion as person and may
be wrong. Perhaps things are swell out there and rBGH is fabulous and
TSE-laced feed is great, and genetic engineering is the best thing
since manna. But I am scared for my family and I have not only a
right to say so but an obligation to do so. I am angry that Monsanto
was allowed the influence it had and has done the things it
definitely seems to have. I am disgusted by industrialization of
every tender and beautiful part of our world and hope, for all our
children's sake, we are not too late to pull back

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Steve V said...

A prize of ten dollars awarded to the first person who reads that last comment in totality.

Cielito Lindo reppin' Ft. Worth said...

Too many people trying to provide information that the rest of us can google for ourselves. These Obamanites are just as silly as those Hip Hoppers who make propaganda videos to big up their candidate's drug use. Sure he represents that bunch. But, the REST OF US can make out own choices. Obama talks too much and I am done with him. Mexicans have a friend in Hillary. The economy will be much stronger with her experience their. Vote for Hill, snatch up Bill. Yay! But, she wiull do good on her own. That lady has some guts to stand up to ANY man like that. I know she ius a good leader. Obama is down with those Obamanites whose only real reason to vote for him is his skintone. I am not phased by that. Hillary gets my vote and everyone of my family 12 of us is voting for her too. She's got the plan. Keep up the good fight, Hill. Tejanos got your back!

!!!! HILLARY 2008 !!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow after reading those facts on Monsanto..I always knew Hillary made her money at Americans expense. Hence...why she wont divulge her tax return to the American people right now. I have always felt these Hillary followers are so stupid and gullable...well wait till they all start getting sick from Hillary's Monsanto connections. I have always known she ... like Bill are nothing but liars. But these Hillary can show them facts and proof and they make excuses for her. Oh well...someday they will pay for that ignorance. She is and always has been quite the actress.

Anonymous said..., that references what went on during the NAFTA negotiations. What is key here, is that she stopped fighting for 'political' reasons. The 'win' was much more important than the facts. That is all I need to know about Hillary.

Go Nader! Bring up what others are afraid to!

Anonymous said...

I am a long time Dem and on the fence. Hillary reminded me of an angry mother in that little tirade not a president. "Shame on you!" Give me a break. She has supported NAFTA until it became political liability.

It seemed very desperate and a little sad to me.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill's found someone, and this time he's in love.

Anonymous said...

I love how the one guy keeps using Obama's middle name, Hussein, as if that's going to change people's minds. "What?? His middle name is Hussein? Forget all the reasons I was gonna vote for him- He has a terrorist name!!" Only a total dumbass would employ such a "tactic".

The other thing the Hillary crowd really needs to shut up about is barack HUSSEIN obama's "lack of experience". Let's see, Hillary's been a senator for a whopping 2 years longer than Obama (a lot, huh?)- and he has held elected, political office for TWICE as long as she has. In my mind, that makes him far more experienced than her. I think some of Hillary's minions are making the mistake that "first lady" equals "political experience". Sorry- failing miserably at trying to enact universal health care and picking out drapes and carpeting don't qualify you to be preseident.

BamaDem said...

I can't believe it. We're near the half way mark and the two candidates are less than 2.8% apart in the delegates count.

In the meantime, the press is making reference to Hillary dropping out. Competition is good! The dems are getting good press exposure in all of this. It's a tight race and it's not over till the convention sings in harmony, whoever wins the nomination. It's time to heal this Nation over a mislead and misguided war in Iraq. Let's not get our wounds so bad, we loose sight of the prize.

In the meantime, all I can say about Obama is - Where's the Beef. Give him Hell Hillary.