Friday, February 22, 2008

St. Ralph Prepares To Screw Dems Again?

St. Ralph preparing another presidential run to quench his monstrous ego? There once was a time I had high regard for Nader, now not so much:
Ralph Nader could be poised for another third party presidential campaign.

Nader's appearance on "Meet the Press" was announced Friday in an e-mail message from Nader's exploratory campaign. The message from "The Nader Team" urges supporters to tell friends and family to watch the show and requests online contributions.

"As you know, we've been exploring the possibilities in recent weeks," the message says.

In 2004, Nader had little impact, primarily because he was unable to get on many state ballots, should he choose to run this time, expect a full 50 state candidacy. What is the point of a marginal campaign, which primarily uses the platform to criticize the Dems, erode some support, in states that are razor close? When you peel the onion, all that is left is vanity.


Tomm said...

Rakph Nader is just becoming a caricature.

The American system makes it so difficult to break the two party monopoly that you really need to plan for a 12 year attempt, where you use perhaps 3 Presidential campaigns to build a significant infrastructure.

Obama and Clinton aree unique this Presidential term. Usually the Dems are putting up a blue eyed corporate shill.


Tomm said...

Rakph should equal Ralph.

Sorry Mr. Naker, sir.

Kuri said...

Post like this make me so glad to live in Canada, where we have 4 viable parties to choose between (5 in Quebec). Were I in the US, I'd probably have to spoil my ballot rather than choose between Democrat candidates further to the right than Stephen Harper or Republican candidates so far right they're off the chart.

Nader's doing the best he can to shake up a crappy system. If the Democrat candidates are as strong as they'd like us to believe, it won't matter to their campaigns. If it does, then maybe they need some genuinely left policy positions instead the centre-right pablum they're serving up now. Either way, you can't blame Nader for the success or failure of their campaigns. That's up to them.

Anonymous said...

Personally I have always thought that Nader doesn't really care about the citizens of this country.

I think he will don anything for self-agrandizement. Anything to promote himself.

Has anyone ever investigated his ties to the right wing?. Is he being paid to year after year disrupt the political process?. What are Naders' true motives toward America?.

Why doesn't he trust the American people to make their own choice without his constant intervention?.